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    is an MK loadout not regular??? i’ve played since 2015 and it’s always been the most common loadout. do you want people running around with spars instead?
  2. idk why people want a wipe, it was literally tested out and didn’t have good reception
  3. you have leroy to thank for that, bro can single handedly drastically change leaderboards on god
  4. i didn’t know you were at the halfdrunk/bbgreg incident LMAOOOO o7 brother
  5. maybe something like pay and spray, except for clothes? call it “Fake Fits” or something, (or Fake Fitz if @Fitzwants to name drop 😂) and have textures imitating real life brands. (True Religion, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger to name a few. would obviously have to be modified a little to avoid copyright issues) this would require a lot of work from designers, unless you just want base arma clothing that are unavailable in stores. would be a great money sink though
  6. GravL

    Desert 6 Color

    sounds like you were one of the people who lost it in 2021 “The Desert 6 Uniform is now purchasable correctly. Some people may have lost the required achievement after the previous update. If you care, send me a PM.”
  7. GravL

    Desert 6 Color

    honestly good point, i’d like to see newer players get it simply because from the opinion of a couple, they really like the outfit, and people very rarely use it, except for a select few. but on the other hand, i think you are right in saying it was a 1 time thing. i don’t remember what it was exactly, but my thoughts are it was a reward for playing during a certain time, like the brave orca, because i remember the first time i ever got a rebel loadout, i had that outfit. there’s no way i would’ve done anything to be rewarded with it before that point.
  8. A couple people in the discord earlier mentioned this outfit, something that is no longer obtainable. I'm making this poll simply to get a better idea of how many people would like to see it obtainable again, and to determine if it's worth the time to add back in (even though that's likely extremely easy).
  9. https://recoverplays.tv/Video/5c64867dda8b0b9cda
  10. i remember that kavala heli pad briefing for some reason lmao
  11. GravL

    Infamy tweak

    it’s supposed to be difficult to get. i will say though, i agree that infamy gained from cartels should be buffed, at least slightly. everything else is fine tho imo
  12. GravL

    Changelog May

    too in depth for my small brain to comprehend it all but W rework, cap time reduction is a huge W
  13. GravL

    Changelog May

    ? didnt constables already have the promet? i sure did.
  14. GravL

    Personal store

    did people just forget about the exchange? i understand that this is a little different than the exchange but still, at the end of the day, it has the same outcome. no point in adding this imo.
  15. in my experience it isn’t hard to remember who’s houses you have access to, but as a QOL feature, sure, why not. +1
  16. +1 i used to just go around buying houses and see what i get, i wanna do that again i still check the inventories of new houses, hoping somethings there 😔
  17. GravL

    Casino safezone

    i didnt think of that, good point
  18. GravL

    Casino safezone

    not if it gets changed to just taking money straight from your bank, there will be nothing to rob.
  19. GravL


    what i find wild is how often, even for useless fights, they are used now. before, i would've never seen them randomly. but i was involved in a DP11 fight last night and there was a drone, before that i've only ever seen them used at fed events, and very rarely.
  20. i rarely bh, especially after getting apex predator
  21. +1 i have like 40-50k honor that i haven’t been able to use for years
  22. i agree, we should have more stuff in those areas but this has been suggested literally countless times. do you have any suggestions for what should be added to or moved to these areas?
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