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    I'm getting ego'd by a bbnb fanboy LMAO I don't expect you to know me you've been here less than a year, my playtime is longer than how old your forum account is, your a baby to asylum, but by all means come at me with your ego when you get into a good gang.... Ill wait
  2. GravL


    imagine your gang having such a bad rep that even just an average callout is seen as "good" ripping thru the wall had nothing to do w the callout except an approximate location that was luck
  3. Late to the party chief smh this is why I need support @Mitch (IFRIT)
  4. 1- only cops can get spike strips2-in the talents app on your phone, you’ll see a bunch of bounty hunter talents. You’ll need to learn up to Master Bounty Hunter to be able to access skiptracers full features
  5. pretty sure @Stevesaid he wantd to give me his position while hes gone
  6. 1- Dont think so, its useless 2- smoke it? open your phone, then inventory (or just inventory) and select the cannabis then select use 3- Skiptracer gives you access to much better guns and clothing, more virtual inv items, etc.
  7. Realize arma isn’t fun anymore and start doing something productive instead get that bag
  8. Anyone play this? Been enjoying it so far not the best game but its not even officially out yet here's a few clips youtube took down every fucking video i tried to put music in so no music
  9. ^ then i can call the people i hire to gather for me what they actually are instead of "helpers"
  10. This guy really wants contributor
  11. 10 hours? That’s some strict requirements but gl
  12. GravL

    Name change

    i dont doubt fse has all the cartels nobody fights anymore congratulations on holding them finally
  13. GravL

    Name change

    Oh shit your right my bad Kavala big city with small skill people leave city see bigger skill people better people make monkey ego small so monkey go back to kavala to get bigger ego hope that’s easier to understand for you
  14. GravL

    Name change

    “We the richest gang” “get gud” lmao listen to yourself. I don’t need money or a gang if I don’t play the server Can’t believe I’m arguing with someone who doesn’t leave the starter city and thinks they’re good smh my head lets see your past gangs. What, none worth mentioning? Yeah that’s what I thought pal
  15. GravL

    Name change

    Are you trying to flex being in farmersville? Sheesh you see new things everyday
  16. chief your gonna want to copy and paste that app here good luck!
  17. GravL


    Mxms? From captains? You got that wrong it’s corporal+, not too rare
  18. face off lobbies are easy
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