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  1. people already do this, but it would be nice to have it as an actual feature and not just an agreement between players @Bubs i need you to log into CQC and 1v1 Owen again so i can bet all my money on the fight
  2. who consistently drives a pickup truck?
  3. or (hear me out) you can just use the mailbox for tracking comp and pay attention during player to player transactions
  4. wait really? i know admins don’t get paid, but i figured devs would at least get paid something per project. can’t have a good server if the developers adding content to it have no incentive to make the content actually good
  5. he sleeps like a bear
  6. do we need 2? or do they not consume on use?
  7. i agree but in my experience, shits fucked. like it says you get PSU from gasmarts, i've only gotten them from bank
  8. that would actually be pretty cool but with the prices ranges fitz says here, on top of the millions needed to even get access, we’d likely end up with people using that armor often in fights against the guns we already use, making ttk much longer
  9. GravL


    that would make sense tbh, i can't imagine its resource heavy for the server at all so see no reason to remove it in the first place unless it was doing something like that
  10. GravL


    bring back karaoke
  11. GravL

    Music thread v3

    you should hear all the soundboards hyper has 💀
  12. GravL

    Music thread v3

  13. music threads seem to die out over the years so i'll start a new one start it off with something simple
  14. wrong place, copy and paste what you wrote here into whatever gang recruitment thread your applying to
  15. accepting apps for early january its time to return
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