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    Anotha one

    It’s definitely different from other cods ttk is insanely low especially with the broken weapons rn but once you get a feel for it it’s hella fun
  2. GravL

    Anotha one

    games just too easy
  3. Another observation i don’t care expect more
  4. yeah nice observation
  5. some clips from today game grows on you tbh
  6. GravL


    Toilet confessions? Sorry I’m normal and know how to use one don’t have any
  7. Yes and cops have the right to stop and search you if the bounty is over 2,500
  8. Get a better pc i get 60-80 FPS and I literally play on a laptop
  9. Your just mad you can’t fly near me without getting ripped out hop off my dick Unknown trash and it’s funny that you think I care if I wanted that to be a real montage it would have been only arma clips
  10. Nowhere near new but I like helping new players (also looking for an excuse not to lose interest in arma again lolol) In game name: GravL...... Asylum/Arma 3 hours: 3,451 Age: 20 Time zone: EST Previous gangs: Check sig
  11. Normally when someone says it was a 3v1 or anything like that they win but you do you
  12. Best part of the update is being able to see your charges fucking finally
  13. 1. Why is it called “3v1”? You took out 2 and got killed by the 3rd. 2. It seems like they were able to take you out
  14. Gotta honor cayde bro plus memento mori isn’t a bad perk
  15. All you need to know is red is dead
  16. You can’t convince me the first few clips weren’t bot lobbies n1 tho
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