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  1. Close second to the face cam @Steveputs on any time he’s in discord
  2. Support? You mean glorified discord roles? Old support team was good, but they’re mostly mods now, or at least the support that actually helped is, and the new team is ASS A S S
  3. This could be as simple as a mentionable discord role, or even something in game like a variation of the 911 system. I've seen quite a few people asking questions in discord, with not too many people answering them. might be time to look into community support for them rather than administrative support
  4. I was ready to say you glazing the nigga but happy to be proved wrong W video
  5. Now that you mention it, there was some debate on whether or not it was even possible. Some people didn’t think so, some did. Shit was so long ago though that I could be remembering it wrong, maybe the shed wasn’t repaired or there was a medic online.
  6. And what’s your excuse for when both of our gangs broke server rules? You guys blew up our shed, cool. We blow up yours. We admittedly get someone to get on medic to fix it, then you ban them. Fair. But then, somehow, your shed is repaired? With no medics online? Abuse of power if I’ve ever seen it. Gave your gang an advantage with that spawn point, while completely fucking us.
  7. This is objectively wrong sir, I have very very few bans in my 8 years and I’m ecstatic
  8. Good thing we never claimed to be god tier players
  9. We come back and we instantly almost double the server pop, they hate to see it Wild
  10. When I logged into oly a couple months ago, first vehicle I bought was a quilin and noticed it had doors, then right away, got into a fight with very little cover. Those doors saved my life, and made the fight actually fun. Instead of getting sprayed down in a field, I was able to move around the quilin and defend myself. Big +1 for that, and think the price should be raised a little. For houses, honestly, I’d say lower it to 3. Having 5 houses is nice, but is it necessary? With 3 you can have 1 spawn point house, 1 money making house, and the 3rd could be anything else or one of those 2. I know many people won’t like it if this is implemented, but you can’t deny the fact that it will open up houses, and therefore, potentially keep new players around longer.
  11. Does Infamy earned and not spent when the rebel tree was active years ago persist to this rebel tree?
  12. In my experience, what it is is arma registering any left clicks you made while tabbed out when you re open the game. I’ve tabbed out and tested not clicking anything, and I never shot when I re opened arma but when I do click, I do shoot sometimes.
  13. This the type of shit that would get you points these days smh apd lost it’s ability to enjoy the game, it’s turned to a secondary job
  14. Old music thread is dead so let’s start a new one heres some songs I’ve been listening to recently that aren’t well known or are unreleased:
  15. yes. slurped on it. and again, there was 1 person who wanted you guys to join, your bf. if your gonna argue with me don't sit here and generalize the entire gang off of a select few people lmao
  16. I just find it funny you rode our dick for months now you act like your top dog… you’re not. and tp? Zerg? Huh?
  17. if you think lawless ran us off your actually braindead and im talking about oly, just because your boyfriend went to exile doesnt mean everyone did seems like you wanted to come too but tp doesn't want you, stay here fighting 5 people a day
  18. playing on a server with more than 20 people sorry you couldnt come
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