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  1. Sorry, mom says I can't talk to members of the CCP, I'm a muslim.
  2. Dunno how you can say Freethefellas unironically when the first clips in this video are of you exploiting by jumping through walls.
  3. Don't get what's so hard to understand you apes - you break the rules, you get banned. Wow, woulda never thought. Server's also a whole helluva lot less toxic now that they've resorted to not speaking on their alts.
  4. ik that but they change locations to somewhere where there will be higher ping when its fight time
  5. I would give this a shot if Global Mobilization wasn't so ass.
  6. they use the VPNs during fights to make their ping higher
  7. People using VPNs from China? Using unfair advantages? Say it ain't so!
  8. But then they'd lose those precious donor 10s w/ VPNs - how could you do that to Asylum?!1!
  9. In-game name - Sterling Age - 21 Timezone - EST Screenshot of Arma 3 hours - https://imgur.com/a/e7JxbkF Bank Balance - https://imgur.com/a/70D4tih Previous Gangs (if any) - As of recent, KLA + Saucy. Before my break, was in DS and a couple others, don't remember the others APD/AFD Rank (if any) - Constable Can anyone in the gang vouch for you? - idk probably
  10. Clearly cheating, I'm surpised the admins haven't permabanned everyone in Imperium already.
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