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  1. In Game Name: Sterling Hours on Arma (please provide screenshot): https://imgur.com/a/wxxSxlQ Previous gangs: DS, AAF Previous bans, be specific: 1x for Racism ("CHING CHONG, YOUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS WRONG -Mao Zedong, 1947"). All others were removed after an appeal was made Why do you want to be on BLS?: Admiral Obvious said if I don't I'm gonna get the belt
  2. In-Game Name: Sterling Age: 19 Arma Hours: https://imgur.com/a/a4MpjGT Banked Money- 75k rn, but I just bought a 3 crater in Coke Pro and an Arms Dealer 1 crater Have you ever been Banned?- Once for racism. (What I said: "Mao Zedong, 1947: CHING CHONG YOUR ECONOMIC SYSTEM IS WRONG) - 1 day iirc Current/Past Gangs: Dunder Pimpflin, United Nations Do you have a Mic/Teamspeak?: Yes to both What's your interest in joining Drunk Squad?: You guys seem super chill and pretty solid at the game, so I thought I'd swing by and see what was up. Currently looking for a gang because I don't wanna go making my own again.
  3. By crafting 101 duped shovels. (I meant the charges I was just being autistic)
  4. Hey there! I'm selling some Demolition Services! Prices range from how fucked you want the building, from just about $5k for a single explosion, to $50k to complete and utterly demolish the building off the face of the Earth (YES WE WILL CONTINUE TO DESTROY IT FOR UP TO FOUR [4] RESTARTS) The prices are as follows: Single Explosion (C4 or Cars) $5,000 for one server cycle $6,000 for each server cycle beyond Medium Explosion (Small Helicopter, Large Trucks, or (2x) C4) $10,000 for one server cycle $12,000 for each server cycle beyondf Large Explosion (Large Helicopters, HEMTTs, Car Bombs, or (4x) C4) $50,000 for one server cycle $75,000 for each server cycle beyond We will destroy: Any building/buildings Vehicles People (out of sight, out of mind) NOTICE: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY COLLATERAL DAMAGE, AND WILL NOT CHARGE EXTRA FOR ANY BUILDINGS DESTROYED IN THE PROCESS OF OUR DEMOLITION CREW WORKING!
  5. Guess who's back bitches See y'all on Monday.
  6. Dunder Pimpflin, now with Amazon Prime! It's not Delivery, it's Dunder Pimpflin! Do you have a need for something? Running low on guns, ammo, meth supplies, or even reinforcements? Dunder Pimpflin has you covered! We now deliver to active engagement sights! Here's how it works, in what we have dubbed "The Process": The Process You find a Deliverer online (any member of the gang), and send them a text message of what you need. The Deliverer will text you a price! Once the cost of the materials has been paid, they will text you the location to pickup your items! This can take up to ten minutes due to the gathering of said items, if for some reason our warehouses don't have your item in stock.note: Dunder Pimpflin Deliverers will be recording, meaning that if you fail to pickup your items within ten minutes, it is on you. The Deliverer will be standing guard, however, to ensure nobody steals your package. If you are requesting reinforcements, you will be asked to add a location for said reinforcements. Once the location is settled, it is up to the Deliverer's discretion to accept or not. Should they, it will only be a flat fee of $200,000! We will arrive with the full arsenal of democracy Dunder Pimpflin, and assist in the fight to the best of our ability! Have any questions? Feel free to ask us in game, or to leave a message here!
  7. This is Farmsville, not MoneyPrintersville... We farmin' tobacco? That seems like a good cash crop.
  8. What kinda crops are we farming?
  9. Denied. Reason: Missing Information
  10. Hello there, and thank you for reaching out to Dunder Pimpflin HQ Lucky for you, our recruitment status is currently open! Dunder Pimpflin Needs You! "But what will I be doing?" Should you join Dunder Pimpflin, you will be joining us in: [1] - Mass Drug Runs [2] - Terrorist Attacks (either on spawn cities, or against the APD) [3] - Bank Robberies/APD Evidence Lockup Raids/Prison Breaks [4] - Cartel/Turf Warfare "That's cool, but what's in it for me?" Dunder Pimpflin works off of a point system! For every action you do that benefits the gang (killing enemy gang members, kidnapping an APD Officer, capturing a Cartel, ect.) you will earn a varied amount of points. At the end of every month, the money in the gang account is taken out. It is then promptly divided up based off of the number of points you have. (Example: Let's say Bob has 5/23 points at the end of the month, and the gang account has $2,300,000 in it. 2.3 million * 5/23 = $500,000, just for participating in the gang!) We believe that the point system encourages friendly competition within the gang. "That sounds sweet! What do I have to do to join?" We here at Dunder Pimpflin like to have everyone we can involved! For that reason, here is what is required to apply for Dunder Pimpflin: [1] - At least 100 hours in game [2] - At least $50,000 in your bank [3] - Passing an in-game exam (read: able to actually aim) [4] - At least 7 talent points That's what is required. Here is what is recommended to apply for Dunder Pimpflin: [1] - At least $250,000 in your bank [2] - One armored vehicle in your garage (Prowler, Qilin, Hunter, Strider, Ifrit) [3] - At least 15 talent points [4] - One HEMTT or equivalent in your garage *NOTICE: ALL EQUIPMENT IS PURCHASED BY YOURSELF. THE ARMORY'S EQUIPMENT WILL BECOME AVAILABLE TO YOU LATER IN THE GANG, ALONG WITH THE SHARED VEHICLES "That sounds like it's right for me! Where do I apply?" Right here! Please have your application in the following format, and reply it to this thread: -------------------------------------------------------------------- In-Game Name: Money in Bank Account: Number of Talent Points: Number of Hours in Arma 3: Tell us a little about yourself: Steam ID: Relevant Screenshots (Bank Account, Garage, Talent Tree): --------------------------------------------------------------------
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