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Vehicle Skins and MORE!

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Here's a cash grab for you higher ups ;) and some fun for the community! Maybe in the future structure a system where individuals can customize vehicles with their own skins and have it approved by admins (keep out toxicity) you can charge a decent buck for these skins for the individual and or even gang skins so we can "rep our set". Just like our favorite game Rust. You can submit skins to the servers and get approved and rock your drip in game. I am in no way seasoned in scripting or even anything of the sort. Would this even be possible?

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As has been stated before



we can't add endless skins to the server as we strive to keep the mission file size as low as possible. As each person who joins the server has to download it all from the same server, often at the same time. And a lagging server sucks for everyone. With that, I have to be selective of what we add with skins as they take the most space. 


If you make a exceptionally good skin im sure @Mitch (IFRIT)would love to see it. Good skins are often added to the mission file where possible. 
Due to the nature of our non modded server. Weapons/Vests/Hats cannot be skinned which leaves only uniforms and vehicles.
I would love to see more uniform skins personally (Survivial Fatigues skin when?)

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