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  1. i see you are a big fan. I renamed your alt account to something more appropriate. 

  2. Idk if you were around when it was added. But it was never intended for it to be ran next to a house and stored inside. You literally can process it remotely away from a defined drug processor. Idk why people think it's intended to be easy or profitable with zero risk.
  3. Wait what? Hunters are intended to be a BH vehicle to allow people to better retrieve their bounties. They were never added to be a legal armored vehicle to be used in robberies, hq attacks, or general mayhem. We have asked the community for their input and ideas. These changes were not just made up in my head. There have been countless civs and cops asking for these changes. Some were denied and some were granted. Although you don't see a public post made by someone with these concerns, it doesn't mean that they are not being brought up. Next time you want to second guess if I am listing to people, you better make sure you have your facts straight. I don't mind someone challenging what we are doing. But its irritating when you spew what you believe are facts with your limited information. Put yourself in my shoes for a moment, and realise that balance decisions are hard as someone is always going to be upset. Years and years ago, the players were lucky if something was actually balanced. Now is not the time to be asleep at the wheel and just let things ride out. If you don't agree, my apologies as it's not my intention to ruin anyone's time. But I strongly encourage you and anyone else to put your money where your mouth is and become a part of the process. Apply to Jesse's position he posted about yesterday.
  4. That poor guy. But I laughed at this harder than I should have.
  5. The big problem is that none of us play the game like a normal player. In some capacity we all have it easy. I might think things are cool or too easy too hard etc. But really it's the players that are here day in and day out. We are not relying on it, but the feedback and ideas from the people playing is best. I went back to page 143 in suggestions thread to just look at previously brought up ideas. Talk about a blast from the past...
  6. I definitly appreciate the help, but we often hear "add content". but no one can tell me what that is. So I just need those statements with a follow up. even a rough idea that can be ran with
  7. Ok, so what are some events that would fit the bill? "Add events" doesn't tell me anything that will help generate ideas for the devs to implement.
  8. The biggest thing I have been hearing is the rate at which they are being done. We have a plan to address those concerns. Also, we added free armor to the swat system for that reason.
  9. I'm not sure what we can do to develop cartels. They are literally a point on the map in which people attempt to organize a fight over. We added bloodmoney to subsidies your fighting. You literally earn some cash just for killing someone. That's one shade off of KOTH. I'm all ears if there is some magical idea out there to better serve the cartel players. But so far during the last 6 months as a owner. People just say "develop". But they rarely have anything to actually go along with that kind of statement.
  10. Hello all, The Feedback and Suggestion section has not had any new recent post with ideas that are realistic. As always, if you have a idea that you don't want to post publicly, you can send them to @Leady or I. We don't need flying cars and armed boats that can drive on land. But you guys are the ones playing the server and I believe you are the ones with the best ideas. Make a post or send them to one of us. We want to make sure we are hearing from each and everyone of you! Mitch
  11. The kick message is standard across all arma servers. We are unable to attach anything to that message. I can't recall the character limit but it's very low.
  12. Yo mitch unban my dude demon, we trying to play again

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      I was in the channel when he said he had just downloaded it and it was his first day using it.

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