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  1. well sadly it would take a bit of time for dev work to be ported over to another map, and im trying to get this rolled out asap. I guess i would be more willing to attempt something else if the data supported it. But looking at arma servers in general people love altis and the numbers show for it.
  2. I thought about a lot of that too. Atlis is what we are going to do. There are plenty of stores and evidence to show people love the alt maps, but only for a short time. And another game is my goals but right now..people want to play arma and asylum.. this was a tough sell even for me. But here we are.
  3. That was my original idea, but then people would suffer and hate that they can't use a house to make money etc. So instead they will be warned, and if they choose to still buy a house. It will be at their risk with the understanding they will not be comped for the house or its contents.
  4. Hello, I know i have had a hard stance on a second server. But with the amount of messages, PM's, snap chats and even a phone call. I have decided to go back on what I previously said. We are going to open a second server. Now, to be clear I don't have any idea how long this will be feasible. But with everyone at home, let's give the people a place to be. My plan is for the server to be a overflow server during the peak times. And, houses will come with a warning. If you choose to buy a house, you understand that the server might not always be online, and eventually one day. Could be permanently taken down. Right now I see the biggest need during the peak hours. I don't have all the details ready to lay out here. But the plan is for the server to be ready to go by the end of the week.. I can get some of the stuff set up between now and then. But I will need Jesse to do a majority of it. I wish I could snap my fingers and have it ready to go now, but I have not mastered the magic yet. Keep your eyes open for a thread in the coming days with the details. Thanks gamer, Mitch
  5. Hello, To start I totally agree, a second server would be great. The more players we have the better it would be. A second server does solve quite a few issues that we are currently facing. The community has proved that they could cover the extra cost of it if needed. But Asylum has always been back and fourth on a second server. We tried the approach where it was only open during X hours etc. That proved to be just as problematic as users were not able to access their houses and the goods that were stored in them. Then, instead of playing on server 1, they'd just opt to wait until their server of choice was open. So not only were we splitting the population we were also loosing a player on the main server. Right now everything is busy with the current world situation, and we could easily open a second server to help get more places on Asylum for people to play. But we would only be creating another problem that has to be solved when the world calms down, people return to their everyday life, and students attempt to be a good student again. We would have to then close down server 2, and cause people to loose their houses, again. And then the rest of the admins, devs and I would have to field the questions and complications that come from closing down a server again. We would loose players because their houses are removed yet again and deal with the backlash of just that. When I made a previous post about this subject, it was during the environment of normal world operations. My argument was substantiated by a list of screenshots, and a brief explanation. I will admit that I often find it frustrating to spam into the server. I often wish BI would have made some type of Que system much like FiveM has with GTA. It would have made things different for many communities. I utilize a hotkey that continues to spam "Enter". I find that on average i wait about 5 minutes to get into the full server. You and others may find this tool useful, and a quick google search can get you pointed in the right direction in aiding to get this set up. I have linked my previous post on this subject below for reference in case you have not seen it. At the end of the day, I am not going to open a second server. Asylum is in a great place and the feedback from the players has been overwhelming. I strive to provide us with as many players on one server as we can, at all times. When other servers have 10-20 people on each one of their servers. I am thrilled that we can provide 80 on one server during the non peak times. And I believe that our recent success over the last 6 months is in part created by providing just that.
  6. I don't know if we can be associated with this.
  7. Yeah, it sucks! Sad times. None the less, just keep pushing on.
  8. Don't lock my shit @Patato Let the people speak lies in a thread. Its amusing!
  9. Lel I placed some bans on your account to spare you guys the trouble! Sorry we couldn't meet your expectations.
  10. hey dumbass, I know you can't read so I will try my best to spell this out for you. I have nothing to do with the development of content and there are zero resources being used to ask for feedback.
  11. People would still maintain that they have unlocked it in the past, and would still get credit if they hit that when opening a crate. But i was just curious what the purpose was of having image files that are not used.
  12. Hey all, Wanted to get some feedback on the current way we do loot crates. I am in the process of getting a fresh one put together. But I continue to worry about the size of the mission file as adding images increases it substantially. So I came up with this idea that would reduce the size that's added, and remove unwanted stuff. Edit: There are also some fresh skins in the making for the Sub system. Stay tuned for more on that. A new loot crate would still function the same. Credit for duplicate skins etc. However, what if the "Common" skins were a thing of the past. I rarely see anyone using them and they are just sitting there taking up space. So this is the idea. COMMON 1. Bust 1 (No skin) 2. Bust 2 (No skin) 3. Bust 3 (No skin) 4. Bust 4 (No skin) UNCOMMON 1. Cool skin 2. Cool skin RARE 1. Really cool skin 2. Really cool skin You see the above listed "bust" under common. Instead of a useless skin being given for getting a common, you would just get a bust. But you would still get the credit as if there was a skin attached to it. So if you hit Bust 1 on one key, and then hit Bust 1 again, you would get the credit for it being a duplicate just as it is now. We would just essentially save the space from the 4 skins in the mission file. Thoughts? I also was curious if anyone would care if we got rid of these following listed items from the older loot crates. We could free up the space they are taking to be used elsewhere. The crates would still function as they should but we would adopt the "Bust" system into them. Standard Loot Crate Troll Shirt Sorry Shirt Justin Bieber Shirt Unicorn Shirt Guardian Loot Crate Taylor Swift Shirt Sad Pepe Shirt F*ck the Police Shirt Please let me know your thoughts on this! Mitch
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