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  1. Apollo 13 missed the moon, Tom 13 missed the mark. Whew
  2. @Bherkydon't be trying to hide this shit. Keep it out there you weirdo.
  3. extras should have wen to the trash tbh
  4. A lot of the pot calling the kettle black. We see connectuon issues from people in various regions. One just isn't the issue. If we were to region lock, how would it be fair to block one region and not another? In any video game. You're going to deal with the same. I too find it frustrating, but in quite the quagmire. People from the troubled regions are supporting the sever financially, often times more than others. It's not the reason they're allowed to play, and I have banned people who have a proven track record of connection issues. But I've seen people from the UK, Australia, South Korea, UAE all display similar connection issues. We are not in an age that we can rely solely on north American players to sustain a population on the server. I believe that if this was going to be a practice, it should have been implemented long ago. On top of that. The ability to implement a ping kick has proven to be extremely unreliable and lasted for 10 seconds during my last attempt at its implementation. I will continue to monitor and look for potential solutions. I must advise you, it would be a swift and decisive action that ultimately will have some collateral damage. Like i said above, this is unexpected to occur. But individual action can be taken.
  5. The people who made purchases via crypto have now had their donation rank adjusted. We also were able to distribute keys to everyone like mentioned above. Roughly $12,320 dollars worth of keys were given out. I hope some cool rewards were obtained! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.
  6. i already do this when im on the server.
  7. True. Sorry. But bever fever is over with
  8. Due to the terms we are bound by for in game monetization. I need to ensure our rewards are diversified. Our rewards have always been permanent and I intend to keep them that way. The higher tiers were not introduced with the sole intention of them being purchased outright. Rather give reward to those who have supported us over many years. Their donations added up over time and it's imperative that we recognize those contributions.
  9. @Bag Of Funyuns sorry about your pov.. maybe you'll be around on Christmas.
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