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  1. Idk why @skimancolelocked this. But I agree.
  2. No different than a shitty player with little outburst on the forum. fuck your data dad. I will go cry in a corner now
  3. Come argue with me in TS. I'd love to hear you argue anything
  4. Fuming about anything during a test doesn't make sense. We collected info so we could make an informed decision from reason. Our efforts to do just that were successful. I can't help but get frustrated when people spout like they've had some private and personal conversation with me in regards to any of this. Everyone is jumping to conclusions and then flaming me for that conclusion?? How does that add up to make any sense. We clearly said this was an event for the weekend, and that the data used might be used in future wipe EVENTS. No one from the team said this information would be used if we did decide to go the wipe route. The fact that you'd think I would rug pull anyone into anything shows you have no personal idea how I want to operate anything. Ask the guys on my team and they can speak to my intentions. There is nothing to back peddle here. What's your argument there is? I reviewed the post about the event and test and I feel it was very clear with a start and end time. It listed the expectations and what we were looking to accomplish. Boonie has said he will be making the information we collected available to everyone. It's my hope that if everyone has the data at their fingertips, they will better understand why or why not certain decisions were or are made. In the end, I can see your only here to stir. So I'll leave it at that.
  5. In no sense would be marketing something as an event or test ever come to fruition as being the new normal. We needed live data to see if something like this was reasonably feasible. Boonie did mention that this data could be used for future wipe events But I'm not finding a single post that mentions anything along this being kept this way and expecting you to all carry on. I love watching people loose their fucking minds over something that they can only speculate. It was a weekend event. Each and every person will be fine. You are fine. We will be discussing as a team how things went and review the publics feedback. Should we make any determination, it will be communicated in 3 languages and reviewed the Saul the lawyer to ensure there is zero confusing statements made. I intend for it to also be printed in braille so that even you blind fucks can figure out how to read it.
  7. Uhh. I don't want to sound condescending here. But did you think running an illegal item as a fresh spawn would be the greatest play? Risk everything you have on one run? There are a billion legal methods with minimal risk.
  8. Looking for your feedback for the wipe event. Please try to not focus on your agreement or disagreement with the length of time or what wad wiped. I'm looking for the feedback on the experience you were faced with. What went well and what didn't. Was it fun? Was it hard? Please tell us!
  9. This experiment will occur tomorrow 09/02 and run through Sunday the 4th. Azeh will be applying the changes and bringing up mid Afternoon (CST) tomorrow.
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