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  1. Accepted. Welcome to the gang! I mean team.
  2. I always find this topic hard. "in the old days" gangs would fight just for the ability to say they shit on whoever and they gained some money. There wasn't as much scheduled fighting iirc. Now today, we have to make it content driven to encourage fights. And if my time here so far has taught me anything. No matter what we implement into the server. People will still not use that mechanic to fight. I believe there are things that we can implement to help encourage it. But I don't see any true rebels giving a hell about the money intake via a phone app. But what do i know.
  3. The cop prestige is being worked on currently. There are a few other project current under development. But I am not ready to disclose them, or their date. I am hoping that next month we can start to get swat developed and ready for release. Holidays are a busy time for a lot of people, so I am just looking at what is realistic.
  4. Mitch (IFRIT)

    No lie.

    Was this before or after I got you to think I was @Steve?
  5. Action taken Ban appeal denied Thank you for your appeal, First, I want you to know banning someone permanently from our servers is never easy and this ban was not made in haste. We did not ban you solely on one bit of evidence from one source. Believe it or not it's damn near impossible to get a permanent ban on our servers. It takes a lot of investigation. Collecting all of the evidence took weeks and weeks and hours upon hours of the admin team's time, even though we do not need a reason to ban someone (private server), we take pride in retaining players that follow our rules and do not ruin the experience for anyone else. The evidence collected came from a multitude of different sources. Player reports, videos, recordings, admin-in-game spectating. We will not be providing you with the evidence we have collected at this time as it would violate the trust and anonymity of the multiple informants we had contacted during this investigation. Unfortunately we will not be reversing this permanent ban. We wish you all the best of luck in your future gaming endeavors. Sincerely, The Asylum Admin Team.
  6. Added: No type of initiation may be done through direct, side chat, or vehicle chat via typing. All initiation must be done with your voice or via text message.
  7. I'll agree to hold off on playing Hide n Seek, however, i have other tricks up my sleeve.

    1. Dillon


      It may or may not involve gathering all of the Kavala rats...

    2. •ÐŠ• Randy

      •ÐŠ• Randy

      Is there a max amount of hemmts we can pull out of our garages at once mitch?

  8. Thank you to those who helped us reach our first goal. This ensures we are able to cover the cost for next month. Anything additional that is donated will go to ensure we are able to continue meeting those needs. You guys are very kind.




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    2. Crossfade


      Hey mitch, New strat... $5000 donation from a single person for mod? ez cash money son...

    3. BU | I have aids inmybutt
    4. Rock Hardick

      Rock Hardick

      Am I missing something? Did Paratus give up rights to Asylum?

  9. See ya on the stats page kid
  10. Well welcome! As it is now you need to have that master talent learned in order to pull the hunter. The way it will be, is that you can pull it regardless if you have the talent active or not. However, if the master talent is not active, the vehicle will be considered illegal and the apd will have the option to seize it.
  11. Yes. I think that's a good idea
  12. I wanted to update you on what is currently going on with Asylum! After a couple hour conversation with the team of development, we have come up with this plan. Let’s take a look. Talent Rework: Our goal is to reduce the amount of talents we currently have in the server. When looking at the list. The development team and I found that there were far too many that didn’t need to be locked behind a talent. A great example of this is the defibrillator talent. I can't find a reason why you need to have that as a talent to revive someone. So, it’s gone. Listed below are the talents that are either removed, or changed. Tweaked talents: [1, civilian, -1, 0, "Vigilante", "Able to purchase Bounty Hunter license. Max bounty $50,000."], (You will now be able to buy a BH license without a talent, but your bounty will be limited to 50k) [8, civilian, 7, 4, "Master Bounty Hunter", "Access to civilian Hunter (Make Pull-able - Get APD to make as PC for pull over and check license.) Now, you can pull a hunter if you have one in your garage, and do not have this talent learned. However, it would then be considered an illegal vehicle and the APD will have the ability to seize it. Removed talents: [9, civilian, -1, 0, "First Aid", "Can use blood bag to heal up to 80 health."], [10, civilian, 9, 1, "First Aid Level B", "Can use blood bag to heal up to 90 health."], [11, civilian, 10, 2, "First Aid Level C", "Can use blood bag to heal up to 100 health."], [12, civilian, 9, 1, "Shocking", "Can revive an unconscious player with defibrillator."], [13, civilian, 12, 2, "Jaws of Life", "Able to pull unconscious players from a vehicle."], [15, civilian, -1, 0, "Unrestricted License", "Ability to buy the SUV, Hatchback (Sport), Box/Fuel Truck and Vans."], [16, civilian, 15, 1, "Chauffeur License", "Receive taxi pick-up requests."], — removed due to not in use current mission [18, civilian, 15, 1, "Private Pilot", "Ability to buy and take out small helicopters."], [27, civilian, -1, 0, "Rebel", "Able to buy Rebel License."], [28, civilian, 27, 1, "Guerilla", "Able to buy and use ghillie suits."], [29, civilian, 27, 1, "Marksman", "Able to buy and use 7.62mm rifles and ammunition. (Can not have Master Bounty Hunter)."], [37, civilian, -1, 0, "Citizenship", "Able to buy home owners license."], [55, civilian, -1, 0, "Awareness", "See the location of group and gang members on your map."], [56, civilian, -1, 0, "Grand Theft Auto", "Able to pick locks of standard ground vehicles."], [60, civilian, -1, 0, "Nourished", "Food and drink consumption reduced by 25%."], [63, civilian, -1, 0, "Something Fishy", "Longer reach when catching fish by hand."], These above listed talents in red are just going to be removed, and those abilities will be automatically afforded to you. It is my hope that less talents of this nature will make it easier for new people to start out, and participate in the action. Your new talent limit will be 19. Donation Goal: Tomorrow night, a system will be implemented into the main page of the forums. This will be a donation goal bar to show what percentage we are at for meeting the months goal. Each month, there will be a unique reward for meeting that months goal. These goal rewards will be available to everyone on the server. Key sales and personal donations will all count towards this goal. This months goal will consist of the following. Saved load-outs: For Cop and Civ, you will have the ability to save 3 load-outs at rebel and cop shop. You can save and change these at will. This system will apply this load-out to your character, and charge you accordingly. It’s our hope that this will allow you to get back into the fight faster, and reduce the amount of times you forget something! Also included with this goal, is the return of the lottery system. For those of you that remember, this will act similar as it did before. You can play the lottery at any gas station, may the odds be ever in your favor! What happens if you pass the donation goal? We have some nice extras we would like to also add that will be listed with the donation goal. Something to note, I did not start my ownership at Asylum with a full bank account ready to cover months of server cost. I am starting fresh. With that in mind, I want to ensure you guys are rewarded for your contributions to keep the lights on. This donation goal is in addition to regular development. This was implemented to give everyone a common goal to work towards while rewarding you with additional items for everyone. Current Asylum Development I have to be careful to not over promise and under deliver here. During my conversation tonight with the Devs. We have decided to get Cop prestige into the server. Azeh is currently working on the functionality behind that system implemented and ready for your use! Again, I really appreciate the outpouring of support you guys have given me is such a short amount of time. I am excited for the future, and I hope you are too! -Mitch
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