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  1. I diss myself in the mirror harder than this everyday. Can we get actual content? And next time. At least use @Roicebeats. Did you pull this music off a kids YouTube video? Heard some whistle in there, curious if that was the track or the wind between your teeth.
  2. You'll be banned for cheating by the end of the month.
  3. unban noma or you are gay

  4. Looking to address the concerns in regards to the donor level additions. As azeh stated above, I didn't decide what went where. I think that a lot of you are looking at this issue from one side. Since 2014 we have had to find unique and creative ways to thank those who wish to support us in a fashion that keeps us up and running. Due to the rules that BI rolled out years ago, those unique and creative ways to keep things running were cut by 75 percent. If people openly donated without anything in return this would be a different story. But people want to get something when they give som
  5. I am aware of the current issue involving the MyAsylum Key Store not allowing you to credit your account. @Boonie Hat is rolling out an update shortly that should fix the issue and allow us to quickly debug it if anymore issues persist. We will post more information here once the patch is live. Thank you, Mitch.
  6. I respect you for trying to help someone around here. We don't see that a ton. As other stated above we are unable to take action on a 3rd party report for the stated reasons. I've added a few gifts to your account. A PM with details is coming. Thanks for not being another POS.
  7. Never. Failed in their production. Not at all associated with it. Old owner of Asylum created that venture.
  8. the feedback on the idea wasn't very big so i didn't see a need to continue down the trail until there was more support for it.
  9. screw being a locked thread. We gotta see some drama
  10. Asylum’s Domination What’s Domination? Domination is a Cartel style event where groups of 10 (max) go from capture point to capture point claiming territory that accumulates points to their total Domination. How Do I Play? Get a group of friends or gangmates together join the server on the allotted time for the event and get to killing and capturing. Rules and Expectations We have a ZERO tolerance for ban evading / cheating if caught assisting or knowingly playing with that person, you may be punished. All Rules are to be followed and hon
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