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  1. drums still are not doing it for me. Hard to follow them
  2. https://www.illmuzik.com/forums/ They can give you my feedback.
  3. Didn't cleanse my soul. But it did give my ear aids. +1
  4. Been a thing for probably 6 months? Maybe even longer idk.
  5. The TeamSpeak issue has been resolved. We apologize for the downtime. Both of the above will connect you to our teamspeak when placed into the address bar. Thank you for your patience!
  6. I vote no as well. Not sorry
  7. Breaking news. Ak sighted Arco's were spotted in shipping containers and are being loaded onto a ship to be delivered to the island. 

  8. Mitch (IFRIT)


    Hey all, We lost all of our custom emoji's. I'd like to get us a fresh set. Paste a few that you'd like to see and if appropriate, I will add them. Please make sure they are sized at 72x72. They can also be in gif format as well. Thank you!
  9. That's a big logo... I'll fix it.

  10. shot it once... IDK how anyone could miss that from 20 feet away. 1 shot in the box is from the wad of the shell, and the others is the BB's.
  11. Please ensure you do a decent job on this profile. I will not be copied with a subpar attempt. 

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