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  1. So you are upset that something was not added and blaming us for it not being done when we had hoped for it to be done by? But you get it because you too have a life that you need to worry about? Sounds like they shouldn't have gotten banned? idk how I can help you there. But you need to reevaluate how you approach shit, you sound like a jack wagon.
  2. Real dead when you alone have spent 742 hours on it. I guess that's a low level of time playing here? I don't feel the desire to debate that further though. If it's dead, why are you here? why does the quest system matter to you when you obviously have no desire to play on a "dead" server? I too want to see it added. But I also recognize that life has to come first, and despite my wants and wishes. I will never ask anyone here to put Asylum first. As Jesse has posted elsewhere, life had to take the front seat. Go ahead and blame him for that, I'll watch. Did you also forget that you
  3. Ah yes. This is coming from the guy who can't act in the least bit reasonable on the server. This is the guy who has 10 pounds of freedom on the internet. And out of everything he could possibly do. The fun times he could make and have, he decided to spam some racist shit on the server. To top it all off he comes to the forums in an attempt to create a divide or at least some piss poor drama. In a wicked turn of events not a single person jumped on your wagon. Not a single person seemed to agree with you. You keep doing you. But you won't be doing it here. Since everyone aroun
  4. take it easy. We were fucking around and found that some of the skins applied to other cars were kind of cool. Jay was asking for input and thoughts. If we can save some space and add a few new skins, although they may look a bit different. It would be fun. 2 options for you. Provide your constructive feedback and or ideas, or don't use them. Based on your lack of donor level. You'll be limited to the first option for now. Should you find something that grabs your interest and you do decide to support us in that fashion. Then option two will be back on the table. The 3rd option is
  5. Hello all We are starting our Domination testing. We are reaching out to people to assist in the first wave of testing to ensure that we have a streamlined issue reporting. When the first group completes their testing, we will be opening it for everyone to join. Posted below are a few teaser screenshots. Huge shoutout to @Mr. Slick and @Solarmender for dedicating their time to make this! More updates to follow.
  6. What the fuck is going on here.
  7. why do you gotta sell me out like that. Actually @Azeh I would like that anytime a person is arrested, a defib is automatically put into Farmersville houses. It's my hope that it will constantly fill their virtual storage and they have to spend time taking one by one out and dropping it. Justice for Kavala.-
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