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  1. All, I am still continuing my search for a graphic aristist. I'm looking for a skilled artist that possess the artistic ability to create the magic. The applicant needs to be proficient and has an eye for detail. Payment can be discussed and agreed upon for services completed. If you feel you are skilled and qualified please send me a PM with work examples. I cannot stress enough, skilled is required. Mitch
  2. $100 cash money giveaway on our discord. Join to enter for your chance to win! Asylum Discord
  3. If you are playing the game and someone happens to break a rule against you. And you in turn ask for reasonable compensation (equal to the game value of the items lost) or a reasonable amount to compensate for a situation where a monetary value was not lost. You are not able to continue the report process. By accepting compensation you forfeit the ability to report. If you decide to continue though the process, you are liable to be banned for a discretionary amount of time by the reviewing staff member. To add, every attempt should be made to resolve a violation at the lowest level before submitting a formal report. Accidents happen and people should be given the opportunity to correct their mistake.
  4. I'd entertain your attempt to pull me into the proverbial mud here. But I just don't have the energy to continue reading your suggestions that continue to make little to no sense. Instead I'll continue to support those who approach things with a reasonable mind cemented in a foundation of common sense. I'll say it again, if RP is too difficult for you, or too much of a inconvenience. I hear wasteland may be an appropriate fit.
  5. i feel like i smoked crack when i woke up, and then drank a 12 pack of hard tea. what is this madness?? So make server 2 a serious roleplay server, but allow people to CL if they don't want to roleplay????? Don't want to sit in a cop car and get processed? don't get caught. As @Cukofuko once said, it's better to be in jail for 45 mins than banned for 3 days. if roleplay is too hard of a concept, or too much work. I heard call of duty has a new game coming out.
  6. Currently in our Discord we have a few various giveaways running. Please join and enter in for your chance to win! https://discord.gg/PNW9Kez
  7. +1 Does it cause issue with frames and performance?
  8. Alright. You folks can't figure out how to read. I just wanted to see what others thought on the idea and to hear the in and out of it all. But clearly me saying WE ARE NOT WIPING was not clear enough. Thank you to those who understood this.
  9. some of you really can't read.
  10. Personally I think it would be wicked to watch the rat race of everyone racing to get enough for houses at prime areas. This. This is exactly what I picture 90 percent are going to say and panic about. I questioned even posting this.
  11. I often wish that a wipe was a part of the life cycle on arma. But I've never seen any major server do it successfully. THIS IS NOT ME SAYING WE ARE GOING TO WIPE. But I have had multiple conversations with others who have been on both sides of the argument.. so I wanted to see where the line was at with everyone else around here.
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