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  1. I think you are ignoring me

  2. i deleted it from your account and is now on the bank market. FCFS
  3. still waiting on that money ma'am 

  4. still waiting on that money sir.

  5. appreciate you thanks alot

  6. Reserved for later. Tldr there is a lot that goes on in the back ground. They just typically enjoy ignoring the ones who only consume resources and fail to ever actually provide anything of value. Crying wolf etc etc. You wouldn't know anything about that though!
  7. False. We had @Roice
  8. i see you are a big fan. I renamed your alt account to something more appropriate. 

    1. Roice


      I'll pick all your peaches @Peach Picker

    2. Tony


      Who is the Peach Picker?

  9. We can have a chat tonight
  10. Idk if you were around when it was added. But it was never intended for it to be ran next to a house and stored inside. You literally can process it remotely away from a defined drug processor. Idk why people think it's intended to be easy or profitable with zero risk.
  11. Wait what? Hunters are intended to be a BH vehicle to allow people to better retrieve their bounties. They were never added to be a legal armored vehicle to be used in robberies, hq attacks, or general mayhem. We have asked the community for their input and ideas. These changes were not just made up in my head. There have been countless civs and cops asking for these changes. Some were denied and some were granted. Although you don't see a public post made by someone with these concerns, it doesn't mean that they are not being brought up. Next time you want to second guess if I am listing to people, you better make sure you have your facts straight. I don't mind someone challenging what we are doing. But its irritating when you spew what you believe are facts with your limited information. Put yourself in my shoes for a moment, and realise that balance decisions are hard as someone is always going to be upset. Years and years ago, the players were lucky if something was actually balanced. Now is not the time to be asleep at the wheel and just let things ride out. If you don't agree, my apologies as it's not my intention to ruin anyone's time. But I strongly encourage you and anyone else to put your money where your mouth is and become a part of the process. Apply to Jesse's position he posted about yesterday.
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