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  1. When someone feels like working on it. Free Deving is Free. If no one feels like taking on a project you can't really force anyone to. As of this moment 0 progress has been made towards it
  2. We will not be utilizing Arma 3 AI. APD provides all the bots we need
  3. Patato

    SRT Faction

    SRT is kind of an APD thing. If this is how the captains want to run it they can approach us through their means. Might be reading into it but I don't think any captain has any interest in putting in more effort to SRT than what they already do. And dev's certainly don't want to run it.
  4. 90% of what you have suggested here has already been responded too multiple times. We would love to have a 2nd server. But the fact is (And has been proven multiple times) new players pick a server to play on via the sort "most players" button. Splitting the player base will kill any chance of attracting new/more players. And we will not do it unless we are confident that we can sustain players on two servers. Frankly i could go in depth and respond to every point in your post, but i need you to read this post first And re-make your suggestions. Most of what you posted here is directly answered by my above post. Remember to be specific, "More gas stations" or "More cartels", "Fix APD", "Fix Economy" is effectively useless to me. Tell me how or where to do these things.
  5. They said they were opening mod apps. Didn't say anything about actually picking from them ;3
  6. Ghost hotel will be remaining a casino safezone
  7. We are going to be leaving high capacity mags un-craftable. (Same with LIM/Mk200 ammo)
  8. Patato

    New Drug: Jenkem

    I thought i banned you from suggestions. What, huffing farts is unfortunately only available on @Ronald's only fans
  9. Patato

    Shared Keys

    It is when you don't talk to anyone when approving it 🙂
  10. Patato

    Shared Keys

    Whenever henry makes it
  11. Not a dev issue. Moved to altis life discussion
  12. Main server is still open during dom....
  13. Bans and limits will remain in place until were comfortable the casino is bug free. Im not losing another week of my life analyzing blackjack hands to figure out who was abusing a bug to become rich The limits will be increased/decreased as we see fit over the next week or so
  14. You end up on a list if you meet half of these guys in person
  15. Jail time isn't correlated with bounty. Press some plates you will be out very quickly as is
  16. You also get special edition Developer points!
  17. Approved/Will be in next patch
  18. Added to backlog
  19. A lot to unpack in this, I'm going to refer to Add a que for the duel arena to main cities like laser tag I think this is a good idea that might see more use if it was in main cities. Not sure why the que was put at the salt flat. Sure Add an option to disable help bot spam Add an option in phone settings to disable bot spam when saying key words like admin, help, etc. Currently not possible as these are handled thru battle metrics Add a que for gun game like laser tag People seem to really like gun game so make it something you can que into in town/on phone like laser tag. It could have an entrance fee which then becomes the prize money. It could also have a cooldown. This is an admin event, its going to stay that way. someone answered this above but TLDR. if it wasn't special it wouldn't be used. You're never going to have enough sitting in que to play this after the first week or two Give tempests or another vehicle or all vehicles the ability to process all of the trunk at once standing outside of it (takes the same amount of time) It would take the same amount of time just all in one process. This would only save time of swapping inventories and would be a nice quality of life change. This could also lead to interesting situations because if you die processing it will be reset. Similar idea previously approved, long down the list of things we want to do. Add the ability to list house keys for sale Add an option to sell house keys on the house menu. It would be nice for perm keys to display as for sale when inspecting a house and could be very profitable. We will not be pursuing this one Buff gas station to 20k I think gas stations are a great idea but right now 10k for 10 mins is really bad and not worth it. At 20k we might see more action come from them. Check FAQ Add tactical vest to clothing store for all players I don't see any reason why this would be an issue. I could be wrong. No Change Asylum Exchange relisting to allow price change and stop virtual items counting toward your physical item limit Not sure if these are intended or a bug. If its possible/Make a bug report Fix sidechat shutting off randomly Sidechat will sometimes just shut off on its own over and over and its very annoying. Been an issue since before i was dev, if we knew why it would be fixed. Phone -> Settings -> Sidechat -> Toggle off/on to fix. We are aware of the issue but again, no idea why Fix tilda Not sure if this is broken or a skill issue but it would be nice for it to work consistently. No one has been able to articulate to me how Tilda is broken/what changed. Theirs nothing for me to revert so i don't understand what the issue is. Fix drop option in vehicle It doesn't seem to allow you to drop items out of the vehicle inventory even though there is an option for it. It would blow you up, so it was disabled maybe fixed one day Show when a house owner was last active on the house menu Not sure if this would cause issues but I know it would be nice if you were looking to try to buy a certain valuable house and might help fight house hoggers. And give people a reason to drive around in the world and check houses. We will not be doing this Make some of the unused jobs more profitable but require expensive equipment Make jobs like oil or salt more profitable but require very expensive equipment like market items such as the pickaxe but high cost or special expensive vehicles or vehicle mods. See FAQ Add purchasable persistent spawn clothing (not armor) Can buy clothing choice you always spawn in for a large amount of money. Interesting idea, putting it on the back burner Add ATMs at some legal job sell points Some legal jobs could have an ATM at the sell point. For example an ATM at the jewelry store or commodities trader just to take some of the risk off and give a bit of a bonus to the less profitable legal jobs. I think this also makes sense from an RP perspective. Need specific locations Asylum trading card game This could be as simple as collectable cards featuring notable players. Or maybe a playable game on the website/discord. Maybe with some sort of benefits for collecting/winning games. Were focusing on getting players in game and playing, I could be wrong but I don't think a single dev here is interested in making a playing card game Add a tutorial NPC We need an in-depth tutorial NPC/large sign that is hard to miss right in plain sight in main cities explaining all the basics of the game. Most players do not want to use the Wiki that is not fun for most and breaks immersion. They are much more likely to read things on an NPC in my opinion. NPC possibly also has starter quest like objectives. This may seem like a little thing but I think this is actually a huge problem. I see players all the time with no idea what to do and they get bored and leave or just wander aimlessly. Maybe they didn't even see the message about the Wiki on the starting screen and don't even know it exists. But they probably won't miss the NPC and large sign. We have a tutorial, It spams the fuck out of you if you're a new player + phone app. It does a pretty good job + safe mode Make gear lootable (except police gear) This is obviously controversial. I have heard many arguments against it but I think they are weak and this mechanic would be so much fun. After a player has fully died (5 min rev timer up/executed) the gear drops and will despawn eventually like briefcases. These are the arguments I've heard against it. 1 Because then people will RDM you for your gear but RDMers already kill people for no gain and you lose your gear anyway. And if an RDMer takes it you even have a chance of getting it back. 2 It would be bad for the economy. I don't think it would come close to touching the amount of money put into the economy by drug runs which is millions on millions. My understanding is 10 kills is a relatively high number of kills for a single cartel fighter on fully kitted players a restart. Which at an average of 30k a kit (this number obviously could vary a lot) would be a 300k value assuming they collected and brought all these kits back to a house/exchange. Thats not that much money and honestly seems balanced for 4 hours and like a fair reward to cartel fighters as I believe the cartels themselves aren't that profitable. And I think this is a relatively extreme example so the real numbers would be lower across all players usually. 3 Performance, but I think having items drop and despawn like briefcases might solve this though I'm not sure. 4 It's a money sink. I just don't think people would be saving that much money from this and plenty of people are still going to be buying kits. I might be missing the real arguments against it because I'm not sure why this decision was made. Maybe just try it out for a week or two? Just no man, Answered this above. its never happening
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