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  1. Partially approved? will become clear in wipe patch notes. Slum houses are happening 100%
  2. Not going to entirely remove the ratio, We did this and we had to add a ratio back. Tired of adding and removing things. after reviewing the system it appears the ratio will not count dead players. For next patch i will make it count dead players. We have a 7 cop minimum before a ratio kicks in. The current ratio is 3.5 civs/medics to one cop. This is more than reasonable for right now
  3. Its been a week, its on the front of their minds. The poll is 62.3% in favor. Not exactly the confidence inducing numbers for the decision makers
  4. We have over 1000 houses available right now on market. A large number of houses are also listed via player to player ((albeit some at a insane price)). The current upkeep system is working exactly as predicted. It is doing exactly what we want it to punishes inactive players, rewards active ones High value houses (Sheds) are turning over at an acceptable rate and often you can find posts via discord/forums of people selling them. The number of players with the bank roll to hold onto 4+ houses for an extended period of time without playing or making new money is extremely small. When upkeep was first done for houses i was told from the owner of the server that we would not be reducing the number of houses to 4, so that is beyond dev control. At best implementing this suggestion results in a handful of players afking a few additional hours to make our server look slightly more populated. At worse it results in players not coming back as their progression is lost due to house loss. To me this suggestion is aimed at cycling "Good" real estate into the market. But what you don't understand is most of the "Good" real estate is held by active players. And even those that arn't held by active players are often being used as gang buildings which means lots of players are getting to utilize the housing. ((And the gang is paying a hefty fee to do so)) We have so many other mechanics that are in a far worse position than upkeep. And at this point we will not be changing it. Let us focus on other aspects of the server
  5. Playercount was down way before we started *Checks notes* Gave bonus money for fighting cartels
  6. We have added pretty much every uniform to the game outside some that give insane armor. And dont worry @Scruggs is chained up in the basement making skins
  7. Tell ya what, go buy a shadow play. Set it to a US server. And then prove me wrong by having the same KDA. When the lag is between you and shadowplay instead of between you and our server ill believe ping means nothing
  8. Just going to close this. You haven't logged in since Jan 27/2024, We have had multiple major patches since then, id recommend trying them out Purification is optional content, nothing is forcing you to go there. Meth prices are actually higher now than when you quit. I see you made 500k off your most recent meth run. Meth prices have never gone down. We just added another risky step for experienced players. Bounty hunters can't get a bounty that is under $25,000. Most cop pings have a 10k minimum so you don't get the entire APD descending on you for a lockpick charge. You have an incredible amount of hours in V2. In the grand scheme of asylum these are all VERY minor issues and i don't think this is what is stopping you from playing. We simply can't make content fast enough for you to consume and you got burnt out on the game.
  9. That is just so blatantly wrong its not even funny. Go watch your own montages. Do you think everyone you fight is just slow in the head? You have a .25-1 second advantage in 80% of fights.
  10. So I've actually thought about this before. The biggest issue comes down to our community. No matter what kind of safe guards are put in place, an experienced gang will somehow slime their way into the noob gang and use the intel to coordinate robbing the noobs. Obviously your response to this would be "Ban them". Its a lot easier said than done, a few months ago we found a guy after 2 years of evading because he slipped up. Someone with those skills could easily get into the noob gang and ruin countless experiences before we caught them. So then the noob gang would have to start having some code/buttons. IE not showing up on the map for your gang members. Having Hex's heavily be limited by distance. However i feel this starts to defeat the point of putting them in a gang together. So i Started introducing code so that they don't inadvertently rob each other. Such as not lock-picking each other's vehicles. But then what happens if two noobs genuinely become friends and someone attempts to rob them. Now they can't lockpick a buddy's vehicle to get it out. So now maybe we make some convoluted rules the admins need to enforce but only for the noob gang. And we turn off chopping of gang-members vehicles instead of stopping lock-picking. So now im just making a gang the admins need to moderate... I agree we need to nurture and guide new players. Stats show those who find a gang/group/whitelisted faction, stay longer and play more. Another idea i had might be a little more man-power intensive. Give support/mods/admins/wiki-bros/whoever else the ability to click a button that "Opens group to new players" it would have a special icon in the groups menu and would not require a password for a low hour account to join while still having it locked against high hour players. Perhaps it might even give the group leader the ability to teleport the the noob to them on a one hour cooldown or something? Obviously this opens up the "guides" ((ill call them that)) to meta-gaming and being robbed just like it would a noob gang. But they would be better equipped to deal with it/see the signs.
  11. Patato

    Changelog May

    No idea, i just removed alot of the "Dramatic pauses"
  12. Patato

    Enriched Uranium

    Thats nonsense
  13. Patato

    Enriched Uranium

    Ok, But im going to ask you to meet me half way. As a well respected member of the community who knows FIRST HAND that im approachable via discord or Teamspeak anytime, come to me in private and tell me im out of line instead of calling me a faggot on the forums?
  14. Patato

    Enriched Uranium

    Relax, Ebola pings me on discord all the time and I'm not allowed to banter back? White knight else where, Ebola can handle himself. The fact this post is still open should speak volumes to the fact that it is genuinely being considered as a suggestion by the Devs. Ebola has been fighting the fight for 4-5's, Ghost Hawks, invisible backpacks and numerous other things for years. Most of which has been added at this point. I commend him for being creative and coming up with an idea as to an actual use for the entity suit Mother fucker has me beat 70% of the time anyways
  15. Patato

    Enriched Uranium

    He isnt getting the suit, you can just cross that part of the suggestion off now
  16. Patato

    Enriched Uranium

    Im pretty sure this guy is banned from suggestions @Fitzcan you confirm
  17. Bittervet syndrome here, But i made the grind when it was alot harder. What kind of tree are we realistically going to give UC's? Keeping in mind it has to remain balanced due to all the cop-roll all's running around
  18. Will look to fix the UC vehicle tree to actuall work. Ill find somthing to swap out the medic perk with
  19. Theirs just not enough rewards to make it work. You get 20-25 days before you start repeating/recycling.
  20. It was not always an option. for a short time it was available as a double process at the same locations as the first process. It was deemed too little risk and thus all the double processes were moved to purification. Coke/meth were never nerfed we just offered the option to take alot more risk for more gain
  21. Been broken since v2, To fix it is annoying so no one has
  22. Arma 3 issue. Bohemia Dev's are aware but it doesnt look like its going well
  23. Patato

    Drag the wounded

    As has been previously stated, We would love to do this. This was the first thing i attempted to do as a contributor. Unfortunately rag dolls can not be interacted with (unless we mod the server) meaning we would have to entirely re-write our death system to be more like 77th jsoc. We decided not to do this because it gets very confusing as to who is "Dead" and who is "Unconscious" from taser rounds. Unfortunately i don't see it ever happening this late into asylum as its just too much work and too many systems to re-write to make it happen
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