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  1. That's a arma base function. We dont disable/enable it If you can't open the door it means that varient doesn't have one to open
  2. You report em we deport em. Taser changes nothing, you would be dead. Ask any member of the APD. Having a gun doesn't stop you from getting RDM'd/VDM'd
  3. Patato


    Leroy wouldn't buy water if his house was on fire.
  4. Event coordinator isn't interested in coordinating it. Were not going to make it if someone isnt going to run it
  5. I don't really see an issue with players leaving their houses on the market forever if they so choose. Forums/Discord are a better place to actually sell a home if you're serious. I don't really have a problem with player's setting and forgetting their "I like this house but ill give it to you right now for $$$ number. It allows a player who REALLY wants a specific house to see what the buy it now price is without having to figure out who's house it is Ect Ect. I don't think this one is worth spending development energy on (Even though i love money sinks)
  6. *Tanks 7.62 mag to the head at point blank* Completely acceptable no problem officer he may live. *Drops 4 stories* Completely unacceptable rework the whole thing. Lockpicks are $15 man
  7. Patato


    At 500k per pawnee we have this player. Dont remember his name. He can buy 1000 of them.
  8. Bohemia dev bouta catch hands, Whoever added the shield/sight put an underscore, how long did it take me to figure out? too long.
  9. The shield 50cal is a totally different vehicle from regular 50cal. Where toggling the doors off an on doesn't change the class name of the vehicle. Idk will flip a coin and do one of the three below. -Infamy talent that just replaces any 50cal you buy with a shield 50cal -Have a 50cal & Shield 50cal purchasable -flat-out replacing 50cal for shield 50cal in all instances Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. I don't think you quite understand the implications of what your adding here. 50cals were removed for a reason. 0 say in how the guidebook or APD is handled. APD still mad at us for reverting OP HQ/Nerfing Mobile HQ (Lol) -The 50cal pens deer stands/Destroys buildings. For that reason alone its going to be a no on the 50cal. -Any armed vehicle heavily changes the equation of any pursuit -I understand the frustration when getting orca/Ifrit dropped, Realistically SGT's/Cpls having mounted 5.56/Qilins doesn't change that. Armed boat, i see your argument. However a slow boat bobbing up and down in the easily seen water, which can only be pulled out at boat launch isn't really comparable to a light armored Qilin that can be pulled at any garage and go 160 down the road to then be sat inside a bush or behind a rock. The only events a boat can be effectively used at would be bank/prison. Any other armed vehicle could be parked a distance off with gun aimed at the exit of Jewelry emporium/mental asylum quite easily. That being said with a bit of APD cooperation via guidebook, I believe a Jeep could be seen, (I've argued for the jeep in the past). Especially at the LT level if they want to trade an MK for an exposed 5.56 on a vehicle that breaks when looked at wrong they can go ahead. My biggest concern was always the pursuit aspect of the vehicle. I don't imagine shipping robberys being very fun for rebels with an an armed qilin in play. Jeep 5.56 is probably fine as like you said the SPAR-16S exists already
  11. Unfortunatly the server needs money to run and skins/cosmetics are the only way we can make money. Giving our only source of revenue away for free is not the best business decision
  12. That's possible We don't have enough available channels for that. Even if i removed the current cell phone call system it only gives us 5 channels.
  13. TLDR: Not possible to let you have your own voice lines. First part would work up until you record your own message. (Its how sirens work) you are just replacing the siren with a voice line and not looping it. Everything after that isn't possible. All Clients would have to have the audio file already. its impossible to record a voice line then upload it to their client to be played without a mod. Basically you would be forced to have someone record a bunch of voice lines. Put it in the mission file and play it when needed. The only way you would have custom voice would be by essentially making a text to speech inside of arma 3 and no one here is going to do that.
  14. Sure, Havn't checked to see if theirs enough room but i'm sure i can figure it out
  15. We have two different methods of escorting a player. We won't be adding a third. RP wise its not like you can instantly drag someone around as you please. Rule wise you should be careful not to Meat shield
  16. These all give me the feeling of #ParticipationTrophy Honor is something you earn. We don't do these kind of quests for infamy/cop prestige so i don't think we will be starting it for Honor. Prestige/Honor/Infamy will continue to be lifetime quests only
  17. Patato


    Bind the interaction key, Never scroll wheel again
  18. I don't really see a way to do this outside of pre-recorded messages, "Driver pull over" ect. Just no clean way of projecting a voice outside of the car. imo kind of cringe not sure who we would get to record the voice lines and it would never be "Specific" enough to aid in what your goal would be.
  19. Because the capture point moves around frequently we won't be adding this. (Doing it for turfs was cancer enough)
  20. Patato


    What are you basing this 90% on?
  21. Patato

    Infamy on Dom

    We won't be giving infamy on the DOM server. All the perks are life server related anyways.
  22. We won't be adding this. As stated previously https://my.gaming-asylum.com/phone for phone messages. F12 to take a screenshot of chat.
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