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Donation / Merch Store - Woo Commerce & Printfuls

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First real forum post in a while, but figured it was totally worth it.

Another income source for the community, would be a real merch store connected to the https://www.gaming-asylum.com/  site.

Printfuls is the vendor that makes the products, and enables controls to  set costs.

Printfuls has vendors all over the world that would get commissioned to make an order and send out to customers, based on location.

Woo Commerce is a plugin that allows websites to read api for Printfuls and makes it all work.

Woo also has a auto tax program add on, that calculates tax for where the product was sold and deals with it.

Paypal is the best payment gateway, but there are others.  Simple and easy to setup.


Example could be provided as needed, did not want to link a running shop in here.. but I have one for Eve online.

Think of the customizations, allowing Gangs to get a shirt made with a gang name.. and the community logos on them.

Shirts, towels, blankets, cups, mugs, patches....  boxer brief's..   lol you name it!



Side note - Id be willing to help with getting you setup if needed or have question and answer sessions as needed to provide support.. I use this setup myself and its good beer money in my world.


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I had people buy 3 flags last week...  All it was, flag plus logo..  made 25 bucks off the sale.  🙂 

Eve online, people are fanatics when it comes to merch lol

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