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  1. My suggestions for new talents may be bad, but I don’t see anything wrong with the idea of adding more. It was just an example. I was saying to change that and require a talent to spawn with them.
  2. BUMP Looking for new members. Temporarily accepting anyone who isn't a dick. New players welcome.
  3. For every regular player, game progression stagnates. The game is still fun, but there is no progression. One way many games (KOTH for example) fix this is by adding levels. Players gain XP and level up. Asylum doesn’t have this, but it has something that could be made just as good. The talent system has not been touched for a long time. Right now, talent points are completely obsolete. Almost every player, excepting those who have played very little, has max talent points. They occasionally adjust which talents they have to do different things, but the actual number of talent points doesn’t matter because it is always the same. Imagine if the number of talents and talent points were doubled or tripled, and XP was made more challenging to gain. This wouldn’t hurt anyone, and it would give everyone yet another aspect of the game to enjoy; some actual, straight progression. There are already many ideas for new talents. People have discussed adding a GPS and binoculars to the Night Eyes talent. I say adding two whole new talents for them, and making it a little tree. Here are some of my ideas for new talents: - Spawn with debit card (add debit card back to ATMs - Less likely to develop drug addictions / happens slower - 5 second shorter respawn delay - 5% chance to spawn with a rook when you spawn in a city (this would be the top of the Night Eyes talent tree I mentioned) - Hunters spawn with smoke shells - Your vehicles are harder to lockpick
  4. I’m willing and capable to pay whatever the price.
  5. It would definitely be a nerf to oil cartel, but hopefully they would find some way to balance it. Roaches camping to kill you when you grab the money might also be a problem. Are you saying all the money should go to the flag, or the money from people doing runs should go to the gang account while the flag generates money separately? I kind of like the first option more, but it would be a huge change to how cartels work. It would take some getting used to. Sorry, what’s a fridge?
  6. I’m willing to pay something they would accept. Which ones?
  7. Seriously? I’ve been playing every day for a month and haven’t seen any of them.
  8. Which of these have been removed besides shipwrecks? Are either UFO’s or plane crashes still in the game?
  9. It would serve the exact same purpose as it does in house inventories, and it would be just as useful. Being able to order your several dozen vehicles in a certain way would be nice. It should be a pretty easy addition to make for the devs as well; just implement the same code that's used for house inventories.
  10. Monument Valley is a brand new gang that I have created. Our goals are to recruit a sufficient number of players and form a small but strong gang. This isn't necessarily meant to be a long-term thing, but it is meant to be a solution for players who, like me, find themselves without a group to play with. If you are interested in joining, please respond below with your Discord tag, and I will invite you to our Discord server and ask you a few short questions before inviting you to the gang. Edit: You can just join the Discord with the link below instead of commenting here. https://discord.gg/cXSHBz2PKJ
  11. some variety would be nice. a bit of moody weather once in a rare while would be really awesome.
  12. yeah, but people still very rarely use shotguns. This wouldn't exactly make them more common, but people would keep them in their houses to execute people for this purpose. and it would be hilarious.
  13. they can get a hospital respawn. and you cant do that a lot of the time
  14. If you get shot in the head with a shotgun, you go straight to the respawn screen. It would be fucking funny. It would also give more purpose to shotguns. It would allow you to force someone to respawn, ensuring that they lose all physical items on their body.
  15. yeah I don't think it looks like that anymore lol
  16. yeah but maybe it's the beginning of the end of the dry season. I don't think anyone is suggesting it rain for 4 hours. I was thinking 15 to 30 minutes.
  17. If there's dynamic weather, then it should definitely affect those things. It's supposed to. Right, it was just an example. Maybe tweak it this time and make it much less common/prevalent? I feel like there's definitely a degree at which most players would like it.
  18. I think this should do it, super simple: //Executed globally on initialization if (random 10 < 0.1) then { [] spawn { sleep 600 + random 11400; 900 setFog 0.8; sleep 900; 900 setFog 0; }; }; if (random 10 < 0.1) then { [] spawn { sleep 600 + random 11400; 900 setRain 0.8; sleep 900; 900 setRain 0; }; }; if (random 10 < 0.1) then { [] spawn { sleep 600 + random 11400; [900, 0.8] remoteExec ["setOvercast"]; sleep 900; [900, 0] remoteExec ["setOvercast"]; }; }; Maybe it would affect performance, but I can't see it doing so to the extent that it isn't worth it. Especially if it only has about a 30% chance to occur for only 30 minutes per restart.
  19. Wouldn't that be so nice? I feel like it's very much needed. Sunny weather is great and all, but it's boring af when it never changes. If it was implemented, this is how I would do it: Each restart has a 10% chance to include rain, a 10% chance to include fog, and a 10% chance to include an overcast. Rain, fog, and overcast each occur for 30 minutes at a random point during the restart. According to the BI wiki, this should be easily doable. I'm honestly a little confused about why this isn't already a thing, unless it's somehow a performance issue. It can be as rare as it needs to be.
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