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  1. what's aids about it?? it has meth, uranium, phosphorus, etc. better than other cities
  2. yeah I see what you mean. it honestly makes no sense to me that pyrgos is dead tho, seems like it should be the most popular city tbh
  3. Seems like this house would go for ~5 mi, at least it would have a little while ago. Taking offers 5 mil + doesnt mean I'm asking for any more. What's a reasonable price?
  4. Taking offers 5 mil + https://imgur.com/a/hlcrJiq Edit: nevermind, I'll just list it. It's a pretty good house, just saying
  5. Trioxide

    NVG Suggestion

    the full screen NV only exists for a special variant which only comes in brown.
  6. Actually, you know what they could do? They could replace a bunch of broken sheds around the map with actual sheds. Maybe like half of them. That would do it.
  7. It really doesn't make sense that an unfinished building that literally has no walls would be ownable as housing... And, there's no way they would make them equal to sheds, so it wouldn't really fix the problem anyway. I love the intellect.
  8. I'm liberal and I'm offended haha Seriously, though, explain how liberalism is a "disease that needs to be contained in order for society to function properly going forward"....
  9. Probably, but it will be quite fun for a little while at least. Don't apply politics to a video game, you moron.
  10. I’m confused. What is this, exactly?
  11. Yeah, I say they should just keep stats, titles, and achievements. The rest can go.
  12. so do y'all not care about the mood of the game at all? You don't think occasional weather is better than it being sunny all day every day? That isn't what it looks like, and you know it lol.
  13. I really don't think placing down buildings from Tanoa in random places around the map would be a good look. They would stand out too much, and would look out-of-place, especially when considering there aren't many empty places to put a building where it actually makes sense for a building to be. I'm not sure this would help the economy much, either. There are enough houses on the map. Also, the devs already said no to more houses: https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/120917-barracks-buildings-as-purchaseable-houses/ Big houses and long houses should be A-tier as well... they are on the same level as large houses, right?
  14. Asylum is never going to be back at it's peak on Arma 3. I don't see any problem with wiping the server, though. I think most of the people who still play would enjoy it. The thing is, it doesn't really matter what happens here. What really matters is Arma 4 and how big of a release it is. Yes, the server is dying, but nothing is going to revive it at this point. When there is a brand new platform, which will hopefully get a lot of attention, then will be the time to revive the server.
  15. That's... exactly what they made it out to be...
  16. That future wipe is not a "test" wipe, which is what the post said the data would be used for.
  17. It WASN’T, though. Show me where anyone said that progress during the event may carry over to the main database should there be a permanent wipe. Yeah, but it’s not just a handful of people. I’d go out on a limb and say MOST players were at a disadvantage due to the bad and unexpected timing. There’s also a ton of players who skipped the event entirely because they thought it was just for testing.
  18. Definitely do a second wipe for the permanent one. This test event was advertised as just that; a test event. Progress during the event was made to seem as if it would be thrown out after it was used for testing purposes. It was definitely not made clear that it might carry over to the permanent wipe. Lots of people didn't play it for that reason. The event seemed unimportant at that level. It would be unfair to keep the progress of the players who did play, especially considering that the one of the reasons most people wanted a wipe is so they could have a chance at getting a previously owned house or two that they wanted. Wait half a month or so, allow players to get a last bit of enjoyment out of their money and assets, and then re-wipe the server for good. I think a lot of players would appreciate having a little bit of time before losing everything and having to start over, and the ones who made progress during the test won't care about losing it after that little bit of time has passed. It's only two days' worth of progress, anyway. Besides, this doesn't even put them at a disadvantage. They're just being placed on a level playing-field with those who were unable to play during the event but also want a chance of having a good start. Everyone should be ready to join the newly-wiped server when as soon as it goes up, and grind for a chance to get the house(s) they want. It should be a proper race. No one should get a massive head-start, and no one should miss out due to poor timing/planning/explanation of the event. That's the way it should be done, in my opinion.
  19. They could have at least told us that the test data might be used for the main server's wipe... I think that fucked a lot of people over, not just me.
  20. Yeah, event, not main server wipe. It's only two days tbf
  21. I don't think they ever planned to use the test data, but the handfull players who snatched up a good shed or two are now advocating that they do that. Personally, I think they should pick a Saturday or Sunday to start the wipe, and announce the date ahead of time (give players a week or so). I think everyone would be happy this way. Even the players who already got good houses during the test event would have the same chance of getting good, or even better houses. It's the only way that makes sense tbh, everyone wants a chance to have a good start.
  22. I know, but it should still be wiped again. It's unfair to the people who had to work on Friday, and to the people who had no clue that this would actually be the new server data. Idk, that's just my opinion.
  23. There should be a permanent wipe, but the server should be wiped again for it. The devs made it really unclear whether or not the test data would continue to be used should there be an actual wipe.
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