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  1. Yeah, get rid of all of those, except crank, which isn't passive at all.
  2. You can only sit first platform without getting sniped. Tower lagging is obsolete. Also, people like Tower Drug.
  3. Are you legally blind? It's a broken tower. First platform is viable. Second platform and top are only viable in rare situations.
  4. Yeah I know they are cheap, but they could make them more expensive so that weed field would no longer be obsolete.
  5. People have been asking for a cap at West Arms for a while, and also to move the Northwest Wong Triad cap somewhere closer to everything. This is a solution to both requests. There are lots of ways to push, especially using the many rocks available. You are able to cap from the far side of the sandbags, but not the rocks behind them. You can only sit on the first platform of the broken tower without being vulnerable.
  6. Trioxide


    you're in Oii. Nobody even knows that's a gang.
  7. Trioxide


    you live in fucking china, shut the fuck up
  8. @Gen. Henry Arnoldcan we get a poll?
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