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  1. Selling a 3c house in DP21, good for meth or gun crafting. Starting price 1M Pics: https://imgur.com/a/hdhgYqC
  2. I am selling a 3c long house north of Abdera, 1.2km from distillery. It is 800m from drug runner, so you can get a car if you spawn there. Starting price: 1.5M Pics: https://imgur.com/a/FD3zHRI
  3. It just makes sense since the spar 16 is legal and the mx is illegal. Crusaders obey the law and catch criminals for the good of the people, and predators seek to benefit themselves and do not follow laws. It is kinda pointless to have the talents do the exact same thing. This change just makes a lot of sense
  4. Pretty sure it has been sold since, but it was last seen in this forums post: https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/115893-selling-meth-set-up/
  5. Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/hdhgYqC Good for meth or blackmarket. Accepting offers, starting at 1M
  6. I'm interested in buying a couple of three-craters there. How much?
  7. Ok. Do you know who currently owns the two 3 craters that you sold?
  8. Hey ive just been scrolling through the real estate forums looking to see who might own DP21 3 craters. By any chance do you still own any of those?
  9. Another idea I had was what if it allowed you to see houses that are for sale on the market on the map? You would just have a second option in home improvement to show market value houses.
  10. Yeah, I thought that you could sell wongs shit at turf drug dealers. Some people told me you could Yeah nvm i thought zaros was something else
  11. yeah drug runner missions was my second thought
  12. wait thats what zaros does? i thought zaros was 10% increase in gold bar sales price
  13. never ran anything to turf drug dealer. a lot of people have told me you can sell wongs stuff there too
  14. Its a turf drug dealer. cant you sell loads of shit there?
  15. are you confusing me with trisix you fucktard?
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