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****APD Policy Update 6/10/2022****

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APD Ticket Guide Changes:
Bounty Hunter Execution:
This charge has been removed as it is no longer applicable.


Abuse of Bounty Hunter Weapon (Rework):
This charge is to be applied when a licensed bounty hunter abuses their bounty hunter weapon against an APD Officer.

Please note, this charge is ONLY to be applied to a LICENSED bounty hunter who abuses their weapon against an APD OFFICER.

This charge is not to be stacked with Possession of an Illegal Firearm. Officers may, at their discretion, choose which charge to apply.

Ex. If a licensed bounty hunter uses their mx against an officer, the officer may charge the bounty hunter with EITHER Possession of an Illegal Firearm or Abuse of Bounty Hunter Weapon NOT both.

Note: This charge is not yet implemented in game. The charge price has been set at $7,500. Until it has been implemented, charge any individuals with Possession of Cocaine and read it as Abuse of Bounty Hunter Weapon.


If you have any questions feel free to contact a Captain.

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