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  1. Should've duped ifrits, Leroy only got like 2 days for that.
  2. Purge event seems cool, is it an admin event or is it in the rotation of the other random events?
  3. I was against a wipe at the beginning but I did enjoy the event. Either way wipe it or don't, just make the decision and stick with it. I know I can't be the only one who doesn't want to play the main server right now because of the potential wipe looming overhead.
  4. Are bans on the event server going to carry over to the main server? I have no interest in grinding again but rdming those that do might be fun
  5. +1, Imo they should just add salt to commodities and get rid of the salt traders.
  6. +1 but they already denied it
  7. That's an uncomfortable ass silence at the end hahaha. Shit like this is why I have no desire to be apd.
  8. I think what he's saying there is limited availability to cops, as in lower ranks won't have them.
  9. Good shit. Plane kill was hella sus though, turn down that aimbot /s
  10. Like Nicholas said use redgulls for stamina, and if you REALLY need reduced sway, pre-rolls give you -12% for 1 minute and bongs give you reduced sway for 3 minutes I think.
  11. Hidden caches are a good source of nuggets, I usually get at least 1 per restart if I check all the spots I know.
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