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Developer Applications [Open]

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Currently the development team is looking for some additional help. We are looking specifically for SQF Developers.

SQF Developers

  • Primary focus:
    • Implementing new content & features
    • Adding QoL improvements
    • Bug fixes


Position Requirements


  • Must be at least 18 years old at time of applying.
  • Must be in a good standing with the community.
  • Must have work examples or proof of knowledge for the position you are applying for.
  • Must have the ability to understand the impact of new features on the entire server before adding them.
  • Must not be completely brain-dead and have the ability to comprehend given tasks and ask semi-intelligent questions if help is required with your task.
    • If I can find the answer on Google in 5 seconds... it's a stupid question
  • Ability to use TeamSpeak as primary method of communication and Discord as a secondary.
  • Ability to self improve based off of constructive criticism.

SQF Developer

  • Adequate knowledge of:
    • SQF
    • Eden Editor
    • GUI
    • Altis Life framework
  • At least some knowledge of version control systems such as git.
  • Thick skin.


Apply Here -> Select Dev/Design Application

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