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  1. But he first came out saying purchasable at rebel and skip. So I wouldn’t say he only wants it for cop.
  2. Loooooool, anyone competent enough always rips me out of my van from either deer stand. mad cuz bad
  3. If you want to propose an idea like this you need to flush it out more. Do x, x, and x receive x. Just stating this doesn’t do much good.
  4. Only issue I see is when meth is suddenly right next to purification.
  5. Huh? How can you go from one post about people being spread out to far to agreeing to do something with this shit ghost hotel?
  6. Austin M


    I can get behind the house respawn thing, but houses are meant to be a "sanctuary" allowing someone to break into a house is something I can never see happening. House raids are super rare, even adding a timer to it. 1 minute is for sure no where close to enough. What stops me from breaking into some ones house when they are across the map?
  7. Sounds like a super unnecessary database. Are you the only one with the problem of not finding your vehicles?
  8. Huh? How was I throwing shade.
  9. Pretty sure the shotgun 1 shots through the front glass as well
  10. I think its fine where its at now, every town has it own unique drug in a sense.
  11. It was posted in the December patch notes https://imgur.com/a/1ATPDmm
  12. Unless an Lt is on we can’t drive the vehicle.
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