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RedGull AirRace V1.0

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RedGull Air Race V1.0

For those who never heard of the REAL thing called the RedBull Air Race, Its a basically a race for the fastest pilot trough a parkour made out of pylons.

Now personally i find this an amazing concept its fast and dangerous and allot of fun to watch, Thinking this i build a parkour like this in ArmA3. 

There are a few rules however when it comes to this parkour.

  • When you pass trough a gate you need to be UNDERNEATH the platform of the lighthouses.
  • The Loops you have to go TROUGH the hangars following a vertical climb to transfer direction to the up following gate.


The best time wins, There are 2 ways to get time added to your final time.
1. Fly above the gate: +3 seconds.
2. Miss the gate: +5 seconds.
3. Hit the gate: Disqualification. 


Here is a short trailer that i made to showcase the parkour + the map.






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