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  1. 1) There should be more recreational vehicles added. Ie Jets, Planes, helis, vehicals, boats. Boats to just chill on that hold more than 4 people. Jets that hold more than the pilot. ETC. 2) Personalization for houses/ cars maybe? Like just so we can buy and add more shit. (Add furniture or paint/color- or mods for cars other than skins aka rims) 3) More legal jobs? (Cement, Water distilling(U can gather salt water but do nothing with it) ETC) (restaurants where u make a bigger hourly pay, kinda like in the prison where u press plates u make burgers idk) 4) more heli pads near cities. (landing in a city without a helipad is illegal. but helicoptors are a main source of transport for some people... make more of them?) 5) can harvest organs more than once per 2 hours. (per kill or every 5 minuets?) 6) be able to lock/ unlock your house through your phone or give keys to a friend/ gang member 7) Less rebel outposts. Now theres so many rebels its no compition anymore. (remove one in sofia and one far south) 8) an extra cartel? (maybe for bounty hunters to cap) 9) *Farm and grow your own shit?*
  2. I never robo cop anyone, nor am I money hungry WHICH IS WHY i am a TRAFFIC cop. I do check points with cadets all the time. I always stay as close to the speed limit as possible unless responding to a incident.
  3. Maybe we should increase the speed limit then to like 130 on the msr and 100 on the side roads.
  4. 1) Speeding tickets should be worth more. As a traffic cop 2$ tickets are a joke to civ's, and they do not help obtain probable cause in anyway. I ticket someone with 4 accounts of speeding- they pay their ticket and say "watch this" and do it again. (120$ per charge?) 2) If I turn on my emergency lights on at night or anywhere where its noticeable civ's should have to stop (In traffic situations). Siring initiates which can initiate on an entire town which is stupid. On the highway just lighting people up should be the only thing we need to pull them over. If they fail to do so charge them with failure to stop. its not evading because we aren't initiated. (same way we charge failure to stop for going around a check point. (AKA id like to rp pulling someone over without them stooping and jumping out immediately shooting me) 3) Having to waste talents on buying cars is a waste of a point in my opinion. We should just be able to buy regular cars without talents. Helis or advanced vehicles yes. but a hatchback sport no. (I know you can buy them and unlearn the talent after but that's a hassle for no reason) 4) Cadets should be able to see the charge list so when they promote to constable its not such a huge surprise... I've had so many first day constables reach out to me asking how to charge people because they've never seen the platform before. (They shouldn't be able to charge tho just see how it works) 5) Backpacks- a small viper pack or something should be available to all ranks. There isn't enough storage space to hold some of the necessary equipment in a vest and shirt. Something that could carry a few extra mags or medic would be very beneficial. 6) Cops could maybe lock the main gates at hq's for safety purposes which could be cut open like they do at fed. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ These are just some floater thoughts I've had. Let me know what yall think! @Samperino @HomeUser
  5. With the asylum exchange down we realized people are in desperate need of certain supplies. Great news is we're going to help, contact us and we'll stash away how ever many supplies you need: -ALL PRICES ARE FLEXIBLE- -Unprocessed coke- 385/p -Unprocessed heroin- 275/p -Ephedra- 350/p -BH mags of any size- 350/p -Barely- 350/p -Hydrogen- 200/p -Phosphorus- 200/p -Need people to cover you while you do your operation? Contact us privately and we will arrange a deal- -Unprocessed oil- 500/p -Rubber- 1,300/p -Police gear for sale!- -We specialize in air transport or transportation of any material- We do more than just the listed items above. Message us for anything else. And if youd like to buy message me with a place/server/items/amount of items/a price/ and a time(EST). Thank you!
  6. id be intrested in buying. add me on steam abelinkin500. msg me and well work out a deal
  7. You know i was bustin his balls right? XD Ive been playing this for like 4 years
  8. Is this offer still available? I just bought my first box truck
  9. Requirements: To be considered for the gang you must be able to speak and under-stand English, Have a mic to talk with, Respect other gang mates, DO as told by your higher ups when asked to do something* (REASONABLE- You will not be told to kill your mother for no reason)* and at the same time be able to lead your lower clansmen, and you MUST keep everything we discuss and secrete. Level 4: All of the listed requirements above plus-At least have 5-10 hours in game, be able to follow orders well and work to full ability as well as not being afraid to ask questions to learn. level 3: All of the listed requirements above plus-40-50 hours in game, able to lead, teach and show the lower clansmen how to operate, be trusted with certain information, have atleast a box truck and a heli of some sort, and participate in 2 gang events. level 2: All of the listed requirements above plus- 100+ hours in game, been to at least 6 gang events, Trusted with money, know the blue prints of all our missions and our contacts, Establish good relations with the community and other gangs and acknowledge alliances between friendly gangs, Be a key leader, Handle pressure, and always fully suited. Level 1: TBD- __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ About us: Now before you go all crazy (ham) and start screaming and blowing into your mic "VDM" like the orangutan you are.... we don't actually vdm people (or do we - I MEAN WHAT!). VDM for us stands for Very Destructive Men. Were located on S3 and our name speaks for it self. We roach the CRAP out of people, and we do hella meth runs. WE DESTROY anyone in our way, yes even your mom bill. And yas sara wed plow ur dad to if he got in our way. AKA dont mess with us. Were laid back, but when its time to work you better rise and grind boi. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Perks and recommended options: We will offer great pay, Pay is predetermined each run. And paid in cash at the end. The gang house is a 2 crate house in atria, always stocked with guns, and if you have snap chat add me because its easier to communicate. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gang events: Are doing things with the group such as bank, fed, drug runs, prison break, drug cartel, etc. Some may count as 2 credits.
  10. Do you want to buy yourself a helmet but cant seem to find it? well now you have! ill sell each helmet for 3k. Need ephedra or unprocessed heroin? I got loads of that for you! Heres the prices... Helmets- 3k Unprocessed heroin- 275 a pop Ephedra- 300 a pop Bounty hunter mags(9mil, 5.56, 6.5)- 350 each I've got some etc for sale as well. just msg me. my in game name is abe. Thanks
  11. dont forget u cant sell ephedra. u only make meth with it. meth is worth 1300 each. if i sell u the ephedra for 300 (less than herion and coke) wed both make good money. and i have alot of it so itd save u time. and time is money
  12. i was thinking 300 a pop. itd still leave you with 1k profit per meth
  13. ill sell you a shit ton of coke/ ephedra. i have 800 of each
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