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  1. you may fool them but you don't fool me
  2. had a similar issue, have you made sure this is on high performance? https://i.gyazo.com/bce2d747cf8e21aa625fe22ca2c9bac1.png Theres a few nvidia control panel settings you could try as well lmk
  3. don't make me have @Smarty put you back on the side of the road where he found you
  4. aren't you on a second account now?
  5. yea you fast tracked them there with that didn't you @pan fried?
  6. Roice


    Even if you deny someone offering comp, just because you want them banned (what are you 5?), doesn't mean they will be. An admin can take whatever action he see's fit. As a player, you only see your end of the story. If an admin sees that whatever happened could have been resolved in game via comp/working it out, why would he ban the player who attempted to do just that? @manhuas face rn
  7. do I get style points if I do it with a speed bomb activated?
  8. you still owe me $20 peasant underrated comment
  9. sounds like he shouldn't have used an armored vehicle for cover
  10. Don't let him fool you, THIS is why he got removed
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