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  1. Imagine a moderator selling a coke shed FOR 2 MILLION back to the community that he now moderates with infinite money.
  2. unsatisfied. Alex isn't brown, floating on a refrigerator door in the middle of the ocean on his voyage to the US
  3. kings of being shit... Oh I mean GL
  4. Yep that's actually how I got the job. A quick suck with no deepthroat, bcuz he wasn't big enough for that = ez admin. Fun Fact: Depressed hillbilly's are almost always closet gays actual picture of the deed for those that dare
  5. if he learned anything useful from me it will definitely be the latter
  6. imagine being outplayed by a game thats almost as old as you
  7. Someone ban this retard before he gains weight playing Arma againΒ 

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    2. BlackShot


      Happy birthday, @Alec-I

    3. Midamaru


      @Roice Listen up you little shithead. I have become a symbol for sheer dedication, will power and a pioneer in weightlifting. I currently hold the world record in my weight class who has done the most squats while fcking your mom. To obtain this i had to transform my body into a temple of muscle which act like titanium cables contracting and expanding doing each thrust with the fury of a god. Just because you are a mexican looking midget that is too skinny for his own good doesn't mean you have the right to order a ban on me! I'm just kidding, please don't ban me Clit. Arma is all i have *sob*

    4. BlackShot
  8. no ofc not but its still fun to bully you for it.
  9. I'm actually awful, but I think RPGs are how you win go cheat at cartels again loser
  10. out here reppin Jimmy Changas
  11. we're looking at you @Mitch (IFRIT)
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