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  1. I worked on your mom in my shop, she was pretty fast
  2. I know, its okay, we love you anyways
  3. lets be honest, thats better then any montage you could ever come up with
  4. The drum patterns are too random. just put your snare/clap on the 2 and the 4 and maybe a snare roll at the end of the phrase. These type of beats are designed around simplicity so Keep It Simple Stupid. Background is chill, I dig it but the drums are hard to follow. Reminds me of this post
  5. ohhh now all of a sudden you fuck with arcade. you didnt like that shit when I showed it to you
  6. shouldn't you be posting beats on soundcloud?
  7. Can confirm. Was random to see you in TS
  8. Are your power settings set to you power saver mode in control panel?
  9. your community rep has gone down below the allowed limit. It appears no one likes you

    1. Lucien



  10. Problem is the house cap of 5 was implemented when we had 4+ servers. A tad unrealistic to keep that same cap with even just 2 servers. Housing is limited to begin with. Now for a real unpopular opinion. I think for starters all admins should be required to give up their properties and give them back to the player base and only be allowed to own 40ks. We are no longer regular players in the community and there’s no reason we need to own the best sheds, rebel houses, or any house with 3 crates for that matter. I started to sell mine to market last time I was on. Didn’t get to finish though. Inaccurate sir. The servers are not just magically going to attract population all on their own. The only thing that truly gets ppl excited to play is seeing a full server of people to interact with. If you’re so adamant about playing basically by yourself, I can give you a life mission file and you can run it on your own and never get robbed or caught making all your money. The game was designed around interaction and the possibility of someone else coming along to contest you.
  11. Roice


    Turn down your DPI @Axe, I can't see you
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