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  1. @Lorax would have a link, I don't anymore you sicken me. how could you forget about the greatest asylum rap ever made
  2. No way! OMG thank you Bat for holding my hand through that! I would have never known without you!
  3. you're just mad when you do it you get banned
  4. In no particular order but I tried to add stuff you may haven't heard about so you can expand from there. This is assuming that you do listen to any of these styles to begin with ^^ Sueco sucks honestly but I loved this vibe and beat. Wished a few of his lyrics we're subtly different so it flowed a little better. and if your feeling extra gang today check out Frenchie lol
  5. Roice


    Smee, Tony, and I played for a good 200+ hours. I tried playing it again a few weeks ago. Netcode is still god awful. No doubt the content and mechanics are still fun as fuck, but getting into engagements with other players is still a little broken.
  6. Roice


    Classic. We did some dangerous and unspeakable things in SCUM. Miss that game
  7. Sounds like we'll be seeing it on the news soon enough
  8. Baby steps. We need gangs active on our server first. However, I'm very interested to see wars and a war point system be put back in. Maybe a Gang War Rank will also be added based on a variety of points (gang war kills/successful cartel/turf captures that have actual combat/maybe even Feds/banks etc) and have those points build over say 3 months where they are used to seed your gang in the actual Gang Wars Event, ideally happening at the end of each "War Season," if that makes sense.
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