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  1. Ty for the update and all the hard work. Even though I can't be apart of it, I'm happy that others will soon be able to enjoy V2 with these new features.
  2. @Mitch (IFRIT) Just thought you would want to know there is going to be a tractor in Arma
  3. This is the kind of shit that happens when you let a Canadian be the Chief of Police #WeWantClint #ClintforCOP2019 #BringBackCBW #LawandOrder #SWfor2ndLT #JetVDMisNotACrime #UnbanHellstormMissle
  4. "Reapered in the Bahamas"
  5. @Gen. Henry Arnold If the utilization of drug runner is not that high from the player base, I think it would be cool to have plane based DP missions that are legal with stable aircraft. It would be fun just to relax and enjoy some quality flight time in Altis.
  6. I was permed off the discord for posting the following image @Patato @Gen. Henry Arnold
  7. Finally something for @Dally 's age Range!!
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