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  1. Enough years have passed - you finally old enough to be on the APD without lying about your age yet? Lol

    1. TheCrestedPenguin


      Nope just turned 17 last month, Thank god they never caught me phew.

    2. Bag Of Funyuns
    3. Rock Hardick

      Rock Hardick

      Tick tock... we'll get you, son. The APD will have justice, and Shkar will return

  2. Hahahaha that's the first thing I noticed I was reading this and was confused for a second.
  3. You literally tried to shoot at him without a mag in your weapon?
  4. LOL They're complaining about a lack of role play on their own servers when they can't communicate with 99% of our community without the use of google translate. And so the CHINESE their idea to make more money is to make a fucking clothing factory HAHAHAHA remember we try not to use real life arguments here bud that usually doesn't work well in the asylum logic. Maybe a rip-off phone factory for the poor people who's excuse that they didn't 911 us when they murdered 10 fully geared rebels with nothing but a rook is that they didn't have a phone will help.
  5. I'm not gonna roast this for the sheer fact that the music you used is not that stupid ass rap shit that can't even be considered music.
  6. Oi just a thing if you die within range of the mine without the proper equipment how is police gonna check it Make the search range like 150m AROUND the actual area aka danger zone sorta like a 360 degree checkpoint with a bit of buffer.
  7. Ye shits loading bad in the middle of jackfuck nowhere couldn't be bothered to read everything but i saw your part of the skull and wanted to add up to it. I thought i qouted you but apparently didn't sorry about that one. But ye i had the idea since i saw the new system i was like well fuck it solves the problem of not having downing but it adds a new one of not "knowing"
  8. I'd like a on screen icon that would display your ammo type. Example If lethals are loaded have a small skull besides your food and health bar. if downing don't show anything cause you're on downing anyway 90% of the time on cop. This would stop "accidental lethals" allot more
  9. Thank god, that guy is an actual fucking idiot. He has to be worse than those other kids we've had before.
  10. honestly if you said " Twinkle Twinkle Little Mitch, Why Are You Such A Bitch" I'd have probably shit my pants laughing.
  11. This has to be one of the shittiest memes I have EVER seen on this community. AND that's including metals' shitty excuses for a meme. Good job!
  12. Just saying if V2 does not have the hunting grounds implemented I will not be angry I will not be mad however, I WILL be very very very disappointed with all of you.
  13. @killer11 Has adopted this tactic ever since he became a professional taxi driver for his CO in the jewish military. The perfect strategy: 1. Let the cadets and constables pursue the bad guy into your path. 2. Ram the fuck out of said bad guy the second he gets out so he gets incapacitated and is unable to resist. 3. Restrain the bad guy and blood bag any officer that got injured by the ramming of said bad guys' vehicle. 4. Profit. well partially since now part 5 is going into action. 5. Listen to the constant complaining of said bad guy and eventually just send him to jail instantly cause who cares? Perfect example: https://gyazo.com/8fb5a6d8ead78fce0d9618e686260695
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