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  1. better than @NicholasMarch`s montages nice medic kills
  2. "HD"....SUING, for false advertisement.....
  3. Can you put the link the song? Quality music right there mate
  4. I like the money part of the idea, but 20 minutes is PLENTY of time for someone to go defend/attack a cartel the want to keep/gain. There is already a feature where you can contest it if you are in the cap zone, so I think that should remain the same.
  5. What would be even better is to not take half of your prestige when you pull it out at the Channel 4 News building, and not make it so that you have to constantly have a certain amount of prestige to keep a given amount of money in your bank. I made it to prominent a while back, and I don`t really care much about the other achievements; but to be able to have even 2,000,000 in your bank account, you need another 1,500,000 in prestige(at all times). So you can`t pull that other 1,500,000 out, and if you do, you only keep half of what you try to pull out. So I think prestige should be optional after you reach prominent, and you should keep all of it when you pull it out and put it into your reg. bank account. That way the achievements are still there for those that actually care about them, but for those that don`t, you won`t lose money that you EARNED and spent all of that time working for just to put it in the actual bank.
  6. ye, was a nice meme
  7. Send Prospect App. to Marzoh u absolute god.
  8. still salty tht it didnt blow up XD when u shot me out of it, i was like "YES, LET`S GO"....but oh well, rip 2 mins of my life
  9. thnx dad
  10. plz fix ur signature..
  11. u didnt spell requiem right in ur signature bby
  12. oh, thnx man XD
  13. Yea, I thought of keeping that and the clip where i killed 3 pgr while they were still in a hatch OUT of the vid, but the cop kills were all 1 fight at coke, and the pgr I kept to show why he stopped and got out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. ik, i mentioned it below the video thts y it`s only 2 mins, cuz i fixed it after all these clips were shot