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  1. Why is the recent server swap still so serious!!! This prevented me from fighting normally.
  2. Stock is a good idea! But I have a good suggestion. I don't think we should set up Gang stocks, we should set up stocks of a certain industry. For example: fishery stock, mining stock, hunting stock, logging stock. The initial share of these four stocks accounted for 25% of the total capacity, that is, 1:1:1:1. Then you can buy stocks online every day or every two days from 10:00 to 13:00 (24h) (this can improve the online rate). 13: The period from 00-24:00 (24h) belongs to the rising stage of stocks. The period from 00:00 to 10:00 of the next day belongs to the selling stage of stocks (if th
  3. I can't breathe. I can't breathe.
  4. Who knows where the player uc went? I haven't seen him online for a long time. He was banned? I miss fighting with him, lol. Because playing against him can improve my strength. Although I think he used third-party auxiliary software, I still like to fight with him.
  5. I hope you won't break the server rules in the future, even if someone kills you. You can use legal means to fight back against him.
  6. Although we killed you, we didn't violate the server rules. If you say so, the next time you kill me. I will also carry out RDM and VDM for you with hatred.
  7. 我和我的几个队友都向您报告过。为何管理员只禁止您一天? Several of my teammates and I have reported you. Why did the administrator ban you for only one day?
  8. Just because some Chinese break the rules doesn't mean that all Chinese will break the rules.I want to know that you haven't broken the rules for four years, but why do you see Chinese people? Violating server rules recklessly. Do you have racial discrimination against Chinese people? I hope you can give up this idea. When we were Chinese, we didn't violate the server rules. We just play roles from our point of view.I think the length of time a person is banned should be defined according to the severity of the violation, not according to the length of time he has no crime definition.According
  9. I suggest that players who violate the rules maliciously should be given heavy penalties. If action has been taken, please reply to the result of the action taken and the length of the ban, instead of simply responding to the action [email protected] https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV11T4y177En/
  10. The Chinese do not know. How did the German media know? This is awesome, my dear
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