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  1. Can you open your eyes wide to see my needs? You blind person. Yes, yes, you are all right. But I won't appeal. I'm just complaining, because this is an American server.
  2. Yes, because I am appealing for fairness, I have touched upon the interests of certain administrators. So they like to abuse their power. 使用管理员传送功能进入战场进行战斗。我看见你这样做了。 If you understand Chinese, you can ask Yusheng to help you translate. You idiot, the purpose of my appeal is not to lift the ban, I need evidence. Because you often prohibit us without evidence. This is what I posted. There is no complete evidence to support it.
  3. Ken,Stop your abusive behavior immediately. You indirectly knocked you down while unable to control the vehicle, but you banned it. You also blocked his appeal voice. You go to hell quickly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvB-iheELww
  4. A very good city tax, looking forward to the city battle.
  5. Recently, we have received a large number of invitations from friends who hope we can return to shelter again. Now our sixth boss is leading the Dragon Gang to join the shelter. Actually, the shelter was done very poorly by Rogue. -------- Dragon Gang Citizen Committee Manhua
  6. Chow Mein, where have you been? I miss the days when I fought with you. You are my favorite director. :(
  7. https://ibb.co/dBX2Wq9 Okay, the same thing, let's look at different processing results. https://ibb.co/Xym49cj
  8. 自由美利坚,枪战每一天。快乐阿富汗,提枪就是干。和平叙利亚,地雷满地炸。英勇俄罗斯,单挑一个师。大国梵蒂冈,怎么都不慌。和平伊拉克,地铺子弹壳。韩国有点迷,万物皆申遗。
  9. His ban has ended, and many Chinese people only want to clarify the issue and need an official explanation. To avoid obtaining a ban. thanks
  10. No, it's just a matter of understanding. It's not a typo, please don't "双标". Please do not overly explain your mistakes, as it is very detrimental to Asylum and Chinese people dislike it. If you make a mistake, you should admit it and correct it. Please stop quibbling.
  11. China Choices ,So we got a ban, why? He jumped out of the car to escape the bounty hunter's pursuit. It may be a translation issue, sorry, I don't understand what you mean.
  12. ok,look,Isn't this scary? https://ibb.co/HKHVcBc
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