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  1. I can, but I haven't been in contact for a long time and have forgotten it. I also have a certificate issued by the Chinese education department, but I don't have a work permit. I am no longer engaged in this industry. Ha, ha, ha I am very interested in skin production and am currently working on it with Photoshop.hahahaha
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  3. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV16K4y1u7Fs?share_source=copy_web
  4. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1zK4y137ic?share_source=copy_web
  5. I don't understand why some of you want to ban the Chinese from the servers. First of all, Chinese people have donated a lot of money on this server. Secondly, this server is a diversified server, it is a server facing the world, so it can become powerful. While you're sleeping, a lot of 250 ping people can get in the shelter and get the servers active. It's not just the Chinese who have such high delays. For example, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, and many other countries in Australia and Southeast Asia will exceed 250ping. Why are you only letting the Chinese off the server and not the people from the above countries? I don't understand, maybe it's not just the high delay, it's just that you hate the Chinese, why do you hate the Chinese? I think the reason why you hate the Chinese is that you are afraid of the Chinese people just like you are strong, just like the European and American countries are afraid of China to become strong, afraid of the Chinese people are strong. In fact, Chinese people are very happy to make friends with you, because some people discriminate against Chinese people, malicious attack Chinese people, malicious violation of the rule of obedience to kill Chinese people, so we must resist. Do you think people with more than 250ping have an advantage? Don't you know there's a difference between one second and two seconds? Did you know that 250 pingers die first, compared to 20 pingers? I would also like to have a 20 ping network because the server is too far away. You can suggest the administrator to move the server to China, we Chinese can sponsor more money every month.lol
  6. Someone is blowing up my house. Can I shoot him directly from a distance?
  7. really? Is there currently no administrator prohibiting fast takeoff? My teammate When he was robbing a bank in P City he was barred by the supervisor for five days for a quick take-off in a helicopter to escape the police. What's the reason?
  8. I don't understand what you mean. I need a definite answer. Just tell me whether the current rapid take-off is legal or not. At the moment whether he is legal, whether he can take advantage of fast takeoff,
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