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  1. I suggest setting a time limit for appeals after action is taken. Just like RDM, VDM, CL. When you report a person and the administrator takes action, there should be a time limit for the defendant or any participant who has a problem with the action. That would allow the plaintiff to keep the original video. On October 1, 2021, I reported the person. On October 2, 2021, the administrator closed my ticket and replied that I had taken action. On October 10, 2021, the administrator asked me to provide the original video of the action ticket. Since I saw that the administrator had taken action, I deleted the original video because it was too big and each video was 4.5 GB. When I couldn't provide the original video, the administrator said I was a false report, creating false evidence... I'm curious. Why didn't you say anything before you took action? Well, I don't want to talk. Bad luck to me. I suggest we set a time limit for appeals. Thank you. Otherwise, I'll only be able to keep each original video for a year. lol
  2. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1Y44y1y7NR?spm_id_from=333.999.0.0
  3. Please manage your own network. We can see that you are all flying on the [email protected] [email protected] 。 We will upload your Ping video later. Don't close this post. Why can Tom easily kill us, but you can't?
  4. manhua


    You are a good soldier, better than Q19. Hahaha, it's worth learning
  5. You are a good arms dealer and look forward to cooperating next time. It would be better if you sell level 1 bulletproof vests. I need 100 level 1 bulletproof vests.
  6. Members of different gangs can't occupy drug dealers in a group? Only the leader can occupy!!! Delete this damn mechanism.
  7. I spent $12 million, and I haven't made a profit yet. Ha, ha, ha
  8. look https://youtu.be/9eRarum8N0Y https://youtu.be/9eRarum8N0Y
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