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  1. If there is an aircraft carrier, I think I can get a carrier plane, which can bring fun to the boring life.
  2. manhua

    Bounty Hunter

    I think the bounty hunter can change it. He can also play the siren like a policeman. I think it's cool. Bounty hunters can become a camp again. But you don't need to know English. Why do I keep robbing those players who make money, because I always think I'm a policeman. Ha ha ha.
  3. I've seen this video for a long time. I'm looking forward to arma4, the bad arma3 game engine.
  4. I didn't say anything. You've stopped talking to yourself. Many people in our dragon Gang have questioned you. Your teammates are normal players, but you're not. You are also a good "actor" of the game. You are trying to be quiet as much as possible, but we can see it.
  5. The asylum update in April should also produce some profitable industries and more handsome vehicle skin. OK: (, I can't afford it anyway.
  6. Because he is a racist, he not only hates you, but also hates Chinese and Asians.
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