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  1. I'm very sorry. I've priced it at $999999 in the second-hand market. If you have any need, you can buy it yourself I'm very sorry. I've priced it at $999999 in the second-hand market. If you have any need, you can buy it yourself I'm very sorry. I've priced it at $999999 in the second-hand market. If you have any need, you can buy it yourself
  2. yes Yes, it is currently empty. I hope you can tell me your ideal purchase price.
  3. The sale price is 2000K Do you need it? Can't you open this page?
  4. 服务器: 1衣服 房屋,车库,工业棚屋: 房屋 房屋大小(40k / 70k / 150k / 220k):150k 位置(镇/ DP#): 在甲基苯丙胺实验室附近(850m) 要价: 200万游戏币 描述: 易于处理,易于抢劫,您应得的 图片/视频演练: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6340636929
  5. 正在使用发音 I want a career as a doctor.
  6. Is he wrong? In fact, I can't understand what you are saying.
  7. Thank you for your high praise of the Chinese people. Wish us a pleasant stay in asylum. Welcome to China.
  8. 1. First of all, we have more than 200 game delays in China. 2. When you and your teammate lub use game assistant software. We really can't beat you. In fact, your game technology is really poor, when our game delay is only more than 20, you are all rookies.
  9. 作为一个中国人,为目前的庇护状况。我不认为我们应该删除奖励。我们应该开放医生行业,增加反叛分子的荣誉,增加可卡因种植园和海洛因种植园的随机更新机制(多用房屋,更丰富),从而使生活服装的作用更加令人兴奋。事实上,在中国有很多服务器,比如庇护。我们中国人为什么不去那儿玩呢?第一,角色扮演经验太差,太少,其次,服务器优化不好(庇护优化不如以前那样好,有没有钱租更好的服务器,我不知道,我只是猜。管理也很差。所以我们就去了避难所,但是现在的庇护所伤害了玩家的利益(关闭2号和3号,我就丢了1000万枚硬币,我相信有很多像我这样的玩家),没有增加玩家的角色扮演体验。这应该只是大量玩家流失的原因之一,因为我是一个中国人,以上翻译错误,希望大家能理解!
  10. At the end of the 1980s, a trend of bourgeois liberalization was set off in society. Liberalists propagated bourgeois democracy and freedom and carried out anti-Party and anti-socialist activities. Under this influence, at the beginning of April 1989, young students in some universities in Beijing carried out various forms of activities in response to the problems existing in the real society, forming a learning tide. On April 15, Hu Yaobang, former General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, died. The masses and young students held various forms of mourning activities. However, few liberalists took advantage of this opportunity to carry out anti-Party and anti-socialist activities under the pretext of mourning. Inspired by them, a large number of students from some universities in the capital and local areas flocked to the streets to hold parades. Some illegal elements in Xi'an, Changsha and other places took the opportunity to beat, smash, rob and burn, and the school tide rapidly developed into turmoil. On April 26, the People's Daily published an editorial entitled "We must fight against the unrest with a clear banner", pointing out that this is a planned conspiracy and a disturbance. Its essence is to negate the leadership of the Party fundamentally and the socialist system. The editorial calls for urgent action and resolute and forceful measures to stop the unrest. However, the situation has not improved. On the evening of May 19, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to impose martial law in some parts of the capital, but a few rioters incited some people to confront the martial law forces. Meanwhile, serious incidents such as mob attacks on party and government organs and destruction of traffic facilities have occurred in Shanghai and Guangzhou. In response, the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission took decisive measures to quell the riots.
  11. I need 500 barley. How to trade? I need a good and safe way to trade.
  12. 一起被禁止的有6个中国人。不知道什么原因。。。
  13. 雨生在不在?我被禁止了帮忙问问他们要怎么解除?我游戏名叫manhua.ID76561198368170750。帮忙问问怎么回事?需要怎么才能解除禁令
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