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  1. I know jack shit about pc's, despite having one for years.....I have a 1050ti, will a processor upgrade help at all w/o a new gpu?
  2. Comparing arma to halo, imagine….40 seconds isn’t shit in this game man, I don’t know what you’re on about. If you only count people’s 3-4ks+when each kill is within 5-10 secs of each other, then 90% of tages are full of 1-2ks.
  3. how is it stupid? like those are there to tell you they are 3-4's? you are just lazy. I guess I should have made each clip 40 seconds long w/ it sped up in between each clip so you don't have to read. I know it hurwts your widdle bwain :*(
  4. ik you're not talking bud....the montage that you have in your sig is full of 1-2ks.....and I dont even mean the frit rips. The whole first half has like 2 3k's in it. mans should apply for envy show*? are u retarded?
  5. have u seen og blunt's? this is hardly the worst tage on the forums.......u are just mad your dumbass has to be told they are 3-4k's....mans can't look at bounty/notifs in game to see it for himself....actual retard
  6. coming from the tard trying desperately to get attention on the forums of an 8 y.o. game. honestly seems like u have irl experience with that
  7. none of them are singles dipshit, do I need to put in a kill counter for u tards to realize that?
  8. None of them are 1ks, are you retarded?
  9. Bambi will always be my favorite chinamen, but you are a gamer, sir!
  10. [Application] Name - Pariah Age -18 Hours - https://gyazo.com/3beb061e75b1f272103895579d194177 Vouches - Tryhard, you, walt..
  11. Application Format: MAKE YOUR APPLICATION SERIOUS AND ACCURATE OR YOU WILL DENIED. Name: Pariah Time Zone: CST Age: 18 Arma 3 Hours (Screenshot):https://gyazo.com/e1c6539d25bf4ca9281b60ca16f8fc14 Asylum Hours (Estimate): Most of my hours are on either asy or oly....prob bout 2500 on asy Money(Screenshot) And Ifrits / Helicopters Possessed: https://gyazo.com/a6601baa3836de6e348a5f837254dc01 1/3 Previous Gang Affiliations: signature Who can Vouch for you?: strat/probe Why should we accept you into our gang?: I have been in rcn before...fought in GW, looking to join back n fuck some shit up
  12. Dynamic gang recruitment Age:18 hours:3087 ign:Pariah
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