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  1. That isnt me.
  2. would you do 500 or do I need to go higher?
  3. you were a good cadet Tricks. MobileParoleUnit and god knows what my other names were. Fun gun though. +1 to you.
  4. Bet your fucking ass I would. Briefing was attacked on my cadet week and I fucked them up. Gave them their full tickets after their stories and went back to memeing.
  5. Who all plays on here? I know a few people do, just curious who all does.
  6. doubt it nerd. Edit: Whats the likelihood that this gets buried due to it being something the community has asked for for over a year now and or not get an appropriate response?
  7. Sup bruh, is there an issue with me wanting Taru's? lifting HEMMT Flatbeds would be nice. Edit: 63 hunter tonight??
  8. I know this is beating a dead horse, nothing new. I feel though that a legitimate answer from the dev's regarding Taru's would be appreciated by the community as a whole. They are penetrable now so why are they not in? @Gnashes @bamf
  9. When am I not?
  10. if anybody was there you would be instantly dead, your not a good pilot. Reapered are your memes high tire? Also Sean its okay. IF you want to trigger them talk about some fun stuff like literally anything they disagree with.
  11. What about me
  12. Your god awful. Cant even raid a base in minecraft. Much love from your boy.
  13. ^^^ Dont spam them. Lets figure out what day of the weekend would be best.