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  1. Unlikely. Might hop on and say hi tho sometime
  2. It is 100% possible.
  3. R.I.P. Bamboo Union. Also @william The neighborhood was a lot worse when it was Me, @Farmer Steve and @Ben Flint ッ owning all the houses down that alley. GL raiding one of them houses if all of us were online LOL.
  4. I gurantee you it is, If you really want I will come get on the servers to prove it to you. Debating making a ban appeal but i dont see it going through regardless of why I was banned / who it was by.
  5. That Moment I agree with Gnashes... I would get wiped and then immediately have 1mil+ within 2 hrs. Stop being lazy / playing stupid.
  6. So let me get this straight, you call my friends retarded for something that everybody does, they arent copying anybody, and thought the moment would be funny to others because of the opening where he said he is on castle rocks? Holy shit man you must be more toxic than me these days. Go fuck yourself.
  7. Not like I have played with all those guys and know them. my bad.
  8. Yeah man I am permed for kidnapping norwegian to bamboo gang house 100+ times.
  9. Isnt even grotty gangs you fucking retards, thats them sitting in TS shooting each other. o7 Boys @Farmer Steve @BushWookie @Bag Of Funyuns
  10. It is kind of fucking ridiculous the fact cheaters that openly admit to it, get unbanned then are immediately cheating again are unbanned. Cheating is worse than literally anything else you could do...
  11. @Barkin Chinese friend of mine owns it on S1 if he never got rid of it. Can ask if you want. #911 Forever.
  12. Everybody did fine trading before asylum exchange, bring people to forums. Drug dealer turfs = Hide all my meth in my house and when its clear go run it in a box truck to the dealer with no potential loss due to being able to see how many people are in turf all the time if you own it. Bounty hunter P07's have caused me to lose more bounties then gain at this point. Bugged bounties are impossible to get rid of in the new system (Last time I Played) Taru's are useless because of advanced flight model, going 100 in a taru is pointless even if I am slinging a hemmt, slings break 90% of the time anyways. (Is that able to be fixed from asylum's end?) I dont think Rotation of Drug fields is bad as having the same fields did get stale in terms of runs and it helped to mitigate how OP meth runs were for various players me included. When you get 5 meth houses all next to each other in prime spots and can make it impossible for the APD to attack the area / get the hemmt of meth without breaking APD guidelines / server rules then its a problem. No group cap has been asked for forever, I dont see it getting changed sadly
  13. Lol..... Wonder who was piloting there??? I remember when you first posted that video after I told you like 50 times not too.