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  1. jaypl was our worst player and he would still shit on any one of you lol and idk why you're talking, you're literally one of the worst players i have ever seen on asylum oh and storm wasnt cheating, but you can keep using that as an excuse for why you were always getting shit on ceo always on top, cya
  2. feels like ive seen this before somewhere
  3. asked 4 admins and they all gave different reasons, never showed any proof
  4. weird how storm wasnt banned
  5. ceo on top even outside of the server
  6. so why is @Gen. Henry Arnold on the dev team?
  7. you're delusional if you think any price increase will make a difference, most active players nowadays have more money than they'll ever need and no one is going to stop their vehicle, get out and spend 20 seconds breaking the spike strips while getting chased by 3 hunters and 7 hatchbacks
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