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  1. Mental asylums are starting to get a little boring, and for the rebels, too, it seems. The first half is too easy for rebels, and the second half is poorly designed, making it frustrating at times for both sides. -The first half Cops don't have fun during the first half because there's very little they can do against a competent group. The winrate for cops against competent groups is probably 10% or less. All the strategies necessitate the rebels messing up badly, or simply not having enough people. Armor pushes are countered by having one or two people on the gate, van spot is countered by having two people playing south deer-stands, etc. A combination of strategies is best, but even then a competent group usually has no problem. Rebels in a competent group typically have no problem winning the first part, but one has to imagine it's not even that much fun. It takes half an hour to complete the first half, and with the winrate as high as it is, it seems it would be more of a chore than a challenge. I would think that killing people jumping from van spot, people paradropping, etc, who pose no real threat can be enjoyable for only so long. I could be incorrect about the rebels not enjoying the first half, but cops certainly have no fun at all in the first half. It's absurdly easy for competent rebels, and mind-numbingly difficult for cops facing competent rebels. -The second half Its design is frustrating for both sides to deal with. Additionally, the idea of having a federal event with such disconnected parts is cool in theory, but with the way it's implemented, it falls flat. It's unreasonable to have cops sit at remains for 45 minutes, while at the same time other federal events can be popped. It's also not great that cops need to have civs drop the gold bars for them; although it's a minor grievance, it seems entirely unnecessary and a ridiculous way for cops to accidentally be corrupt. We aren't allowed to have gang members/affiliates do it for us nor metagame, obviously, so unless a wandering civ comes the only other option is to call random people on the playerlist. I imagine it's unlikely that anyone would end up getting blacklisted in connection to having someone drop gold bars, but it's very bizarre that cops need to go through so much effort and to even have to contend with the idea of being corrupt when attempting to seize the contraband from a federal event. Rebels don't seem to enjoy the second half, either. The winrate for rebels is much lower during the second half of the event, especially as of late with the new cop strategy, which is essentially pulling an armored vehicle for every cop and turtling on the remains. It's not uncommon to end up having 10-20 armored vehicles scattered around the remains after everything is said and done. Rebels can win this part, but not nearly as easily as the first half. Regardless, I can't imagine it's fun to push remains and see 10+ cops each in their own hunter. I've heard rebels specifically complain about this. One of the more optimal strategies I've seen for rebels is literally to have everyone but one or two people go start another federal event, and I think it's fair to say that's pretty ridiculous. -Ideas for the first half of the event. Essentially just small changes that give the cops more of a fighting chance by making it easier for cops to get inside the compound Remove the gate, and make the front entrance slightly larger. This is my main suggestion for the first half, and alone would change the fight pretty drastically Remove the trees cluttering the compound so paradropping/orca drops are easier. Remove the southwest deer-stand, and replace it with ruins or other cover like large rocks so that cops have a better chance at the van jump spot -Ideas for the second half of the event. Consider just reworking the whole second half of the event. Either move the remains to the south side of the existing compound or make a separate compound from the ground up. I personally enjoy fighting in open fields as it is, but I can see how it's flawed if you're playing as rebel. From there, make the second half an entirely separate federal event. Then the whole idea of a longer, varied federal event would be intact, without forcing cops to either sit AFK for 45 minutes or forfeit the event. If not reworking the second half, at least make it so that other federal events can't pop while the remains are active. Also, unless there's some technical reason it can't be done, fix the crate such that cops can seize gold without needing to have it dropped by a civ, or just change the way the gold spawns altogether. I have fun at mentals, but it feels unrefined and needing of another iteration. I think even rebels will end up getting tired of it if nothing's changed. I was initially inspired to write this post because of rebels literally complaining about how they weren't having fun at mental asylums, and also because I noticed that more and more often rebels would request straight to jail and log off directly after mentals, not even bothering to suivest even with nearly 1mil bounties. I know since I play cop this post might be perceived as crying for cop buffs, but I'm really not. I am trying to make the argument that what is essentially a 30+ minute cop grinder followed by a fight against a swarm of hunters isn't fun fed event design, even for the rebels. I know the devs are likely focused on the domination patch, but the hope is that some sort of eventual rework could inspire rebels to play more often, not less often as has been the trend, and that cops would more generally enjoy the event instead of disliking needing to respond
  2. when you're the only one that goes to the remains
  3. if a big update is in the pipeline, maybe consider doing some sort of free week when it drops so new players from other servers can start to play. 60-80 people play other dom-style server events, and I don't think there's any real reason they don't play dom too other than they don't have money to play. cheaters also contribute to that difference, but I think having free loadouts for a week or giving 250k blood money to first-time dom players would help a lot with dom player counts.
  4. making it purely linear would be too extreme. It could make sense to decrease the top3 bonus % allocations and increase the beginning pot in a way such that the top3 make roughly the same but the lower end sees better cuts. I just don't see how big gangs are incentivized to try to win dom if they get less than 100-200k profit each after 2 hours of fighting. that's literally a couple of backpack runs of golden wax
  5. My ideas. IMO core formula/UI is OK, don't need to change the fundamental 'Rebel Outpost surrounding the zones' design, or anything like that Short term -- new Altis caps, reworks to existing caps, simple variable changes: some ideas being shorter, more frequent hotzones, larger initial pot, and more points/or greater frequency for defusing/HVT. Title addition/rework would also be nice and easy; please fix dom titles such as god of war not working on cop Mid term -- Addition of maps already popular on other domination-style events (Chernarus and Malden ideally, though could be Startis and Sahrani) Long term -- Addition of SWAT, potentially
  6. sounds like there is something wrong w/ your asylum profile/achievements. probably need an admin to wipe your achievements
  7. Got banned on 3 accounts so far currently climbing on a fourth as a filthy tryndamere main not toxic
  8. Bera

    Wtf Google?

    I thought he got permed
  9. This edited compilation of 5-10 second clips of you shooting people is pleasing to my eyes
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