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  1. In-game name: Cooper Arma hours (screenshot): Previous gangs: Tenacity, others Discord: gmi#9143 i have 1.2m rn and like 500k in houses/oysters so i'm good for pulling ifrtis n all
  2. sounds like there is something wrong w/ your asylum profile/achievements. probably need an admin to wipe your achievements
  3. Got banned on 3 accounts so far currently climbing on a fourth as a filthy tryndamere main not toxic
  4. Bera

    Wtf Google?

    I thought he got permed
  5. This edited compilation of 5-10 second clips of you shooting people is pleasing to my eyes
  6. nice shots but why add clip of u shooting a guy out of a hatchback at a bank from 100m lol
  7. when it gets late at night i take out lube from under my bed and watch this montage in 1440p 60 fps
  8. Yung KKKOOPER is the name and I want Escape from Tarkov alpha edition, it's not on steam but I don't care I'm edgy like that. I want it because I wanna have more looting simulator games to play
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