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  1. Koth is too hard. I'm a bot. (this is a meme)
  2. I'd beat every single one of you in minecraft pvp
  3. Honestly, I hate it but I don't see it being removed in arma. Hopefully they add an option to have you choose what you want.
  4. It really effects gang life like cartels and such. And also koth
  5. I honestly hate the new helicopter camera view. You barely can hot drop and see the ground when you land.
  6. Everyone who spends money to fight cartels is going to use it
  7. I'm pretty sure it's okay to add to Asylum considering the fact everyone is going to use it. Therefore making the gunplay fair for everyone else.
  8. How much do you think they should cost?
  9. Caden


    How did he use chickens
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