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  1. Patato sucks at League of legends

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    2. Mason


      Im 71 percent to level 40. Need my mount. Sorry Also if i play league I risk falling out of gold. Can't do that. 

    3. Gen. Henry Arnold
    4. DankBud


      come play seige!!!!

  2. Denied. Good luck finding a gang.
  3. Denied good luck finding a gang.
  4. If you feel that something is not right about your ban PM the banning admin. No secrets here. If we banned people for simply not liking them @jphman wouldn't be here.
  5. Take your tags off. Thx
  6. Exactly the mentality of the APD. Please apply here! http://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/8-apply-here/ jk no hate pls
  7. Imagine cheating on a life server. Pathetic.
  8. I help people in game when I can. For example, "Help I am stuck, I am stranded etc." If there is an issue such as RDM/Combat log etc, that is why we have a report system in place. We cannot watch everyone on the server at once. There is a nice button on the phone that sends a message to all available admins. I wont speak for all admins but personally when I log on Asylum, I am there to play. When I am off Asylum, I do player reports, comp requests ban appeals etc. Unless something happens right in front of me. I will respond in side chat to help someone or help them if it is an issue I can solve immediately and quickly (TP them from being stuck, ill help new players who are stranded and TP them to a car garage etc.) What was the reason this topic was made? We also have the ability to admin message specific players so if someone asks for an admin in chat we can start a PM dialogue with them. Just because you do not see it does not mean we do nothing.
  9. No action taken. Need 5 minutes prior to death.
  10. Here's an idea... don't press ctrl + r? There removed.
  11. It is a standard that we hold everyone to. If you are displeased feel free to speak to the admin in teamspeak.
  12. Denied. Good luck finding a gang.
  13. I do not see anything wrong with the current skiptracer. I appreciate the effort into a new design, but its almost too simple. I am also not a fan of the elevation and un-even terrain. I think a more flat location would be better but skiptracer does to be a bit bigger.
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