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  1. The game is hard if you are solo and new to the server. The game revolves around doing things as a group and sometimes finding a good group of people is tough to do on the server. I would recommend looking here: https://www.gaming-asylum.com/forums/index.php?/forum/44-gang-recruitment/ Look through and find that you think you would fit into and apply. There are some people who play solo but it is more difficult as you are often outnumbered. If you prefer playing solo try your hand at making some scotch. It is one of the most popular ways to make money as a solo player. That i
  2. RIP that poor cop. I can already see the robots coming.
  3. In my opinion I see no issues with admins owning houses on the server. Granted, it should be reasonable... I do not think we all need 5 houses each. People do not stay admins forever and when/if they go back to normal gameplay they should be able to have houses regardless if it is a shed or a house.
  4. Please welcome @Boonie Hat and @Issac who are our newest moderators. Please hit them up with any questions you may have!
  5. When bounty hunting, it is not intended for players to make money from their own bounty. Any sharing of in game money between a bounty hunter and their bounty is NOT allowed regardless of affiliation. This is a rule clarification not a change of rules.
  6. I'm not locking the thread. I think you all have legitimate concerns. I think there are multiple areas of the APD that could use improvement. Unfortunately I do not have all the answers and I am not in control of the APD.
  7. UN-blacklisting members is not my area. That's something you should talk to captains about. People do dumb stuff on the APD they get removed. All the good players do dumb stuff and get removed then that's on you guys. Not sure the APD wants to unblacklist "good" players for the sake of winning if its going to cause more headache watching you all 24/7 or deal with the reports or possibly re blacklisting people. But again not my area maybe you all can talk to the captains.
  8. This only applies to vehicles that have entered than left the federal reserve. To my understanding after talking with the captains it will only be for after vehicles have left the fed. Like I said it will be monitored.
  9. Really only going to be used in extreme circumstances I hope. As of recent the Federal reserves have been successful 100 percent of the time by CEO driving around 5-8 iffrits. I hope this is not going to be abused and used against small groups or gangs trying to break into end game content for the first time. It is also rare to see captains on at all times of the day and even if there will only be ever 1 really. It will be monitored and we will see how it goes. Also there is a 30 second timer now to seize and they are stuck in 1 spot unable to move. I would think there is quite a bit of counte
  10. If a player complies and does what you ask, that does not give you the right to still kill them. You need to have a legit RP reason why they must still die and not having any money when you rob them is not enough. This includes people who are in restraints and have complied. Clarification :You cannot kill people who are restrained without an RP reason who have complied.
  11. Right now a CM has quite a few responsibilities and unless you are on the staff side of things it isn't super clear or spelled out. Ill list a few of the responsibilities we have now and maybe that might clear it up a bit. First and foremost we are here to be the line of communication between staff and the community. This includes being active and visible in game as well as on the forums to keep you guys involved as much as possible. I myself need to do better at this and is something I am working on. Next we are the barrier between Mitch and the admin team. We are all a team on staff but as
  12. Hello everyone, I have been selected to become a Community Manager. My role is to be an active part of the community both in game and on the forums. I have been here for roughly 5 years with about 7,300 hours in Arma which is 95 percent on Asylum. The rest on KOTH and the campaign. For those of you who do not know me I am one of the best helicopter pilots on the server. I would consider myself a career rebel as I have only ever made it to CPL on the APD. I do try and balance it out as much as I can but there is something about trolling cops that puts a smile on my face. I am not th
  13. I will make an announcement so it is clear to everyone there is another CM to help out. I'm sure Mitch and Leady could use some help with their discords blowing up constantly
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