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  1. Mining diamonds is OP. Used to do that for money all the time. #morediamonds
  2. Helmet is same armor value. It is nothing more than a cosmetic.
  3. No can do. Pay 2 win is not allowed per bohemia's monetization policy. If we allow people to gain advantages by donating we get our servers monetization ability revoked.
  4. Added: Enabling the advanced flight model to take off will be considered exploiting. Commonly referred to as "Quick Spooling". We are not banning the use of advanced flight model, just enabling it to take off to avoid situations.
  5. I am all for hide and seek. APD is not a big fan of it but...... pop the fed and go hide with a sui vest. When they find you go boom. Much fun
  6. I personally like it how it is. But if you want to make it virtual just make it take 1 or 2 weight. But not free then people would carry alot of them.
  7. Shedding a car is not considered an exploit unless you use it to kill a player. I love stealing cop armor and shedding it outside Pygros HQ A vehicle collision is NOT initiation. Either hop out and verbally initiate or text them. If you feel it was intentional report them for VDM but initiation must still take place.
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