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  1. First off Congratulations to: @Ethan Darrell @Mayhem @antho @Louie and @Sky on completing their moderator period! They have all been promoted to full admins! Second, thank you to everyone who applied for support staff. Here are your new support team members! @Kelly @Heidelberg @Natha and @Master27411 (They love PM's) Once again congratulations! -Asylum Staff
  2. Mason

    Moving Forward

    Why are u using my avatar? Boomer
  3. I like the look of them. Nice work. Keep practicing and I can see some really cool skins being made!
  4. Is it VDM if everyone blows up anyways?
  5. If you can die, respawn, get a gun, and kill them, before someone is even able to get halfway on the flag cap, that's a bit lame.
  6. Give it 3 days before APD complains and it gets removed. DS bout to have some fun
  7. o7 Clint! Thank you Bada and Jesse for getting us back on track! Will not be the same without you guys!
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