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  1. nice job but how do all these people miss you when they're so close
  2. aren't you the one that creates videos about the bad gangs...? you're the master of picking on the mentally handicapped
  3. asmr at the end
  4. why is it that when i watch peoples videos it always looks so weird to me. like peoples view and movement just looks distorted like they're using a really old rug for a mousepad
  5. they let me do it once, but to keep my smoke grenades. the nice officer actually did it, and i really did drop my gun for him to sieze it. then a higher up came in and siezed my items even though i had nothing illegal. i even dropped my lockpicks.
  6. oh hey sorry i been gone. nice job
  7. savage montage incoming
  8. how did you get the orca up there by window o.o
  9. im still watching
  10. nice man
  11. im new to pc gaming in general. i played a lot of ps4 before, and one of my best friends wanted me to try pc gaming and i had wanted to get a pc for a while because lets face it... consoles...
  12. thanks for the help
  13. its not there for me ._.