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  1. skrood

    Respawn Alternatives

    smee taking the game to the next level
  2. You know you cant smile and breath at the same time?
  3. with the coronavirus I don`t think we will make it to april
  4. first day on server already making people logging off
  5. In-game name : skrood Hours on Arma 3 ( screenshot required ) : 6k How active will you be per week? : corona got me sitting in home all day Previous Gangs : reqiem , explicit EU/NA? : eu Anyone in the guild that can vouch for you? connr maybe, ollie , bastro , proud , breezy maybe boomer winchester , nomadox
  6. i approve the music
  7. it is in the center I can only see it if I play video games because only then i notice it
  8. no , its only on my screen when i try to gyazo it its gone
  9. not really its just on the middle of the screen and whenever I play and use crosshair I can see it
  10. haha yes and its perfect as well lol
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