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  1. the amount of time I fought randoms gang on this server is insane , kid is not cheating just dogshit gangs
  2. kid wont survive 2 min on cap 2 years ago no big deal
  3. I don`t understand how people think this kid is cheating , he is dogshit and he is fighting dogshit gangs so what`s the big deal
  4. Conquest every restart , random locations ( with warzone island ) and the gang with the highest points gets like 1mil or 500k into their gang bank
  5. the sad part is I don`t think there is enough gang to do a gang war
  6. how much money did u spend nibba
  7. I didn`t really like it , I think you have some things you can improve on but overall ill rate it 6/10
  8. smee taking the game to the next level
  9. You know you cant smile and breath at the same time?
  10. with the coronavirus I don`t think we will make it to april
  11. first day on server already making people logging off
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