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  1. big up OnDrills and Trapfit
  2. @Tiger @Nomadox looks like we found our newest prime recruit
  3. anzy so bad at taking screenshots
  4. Jesus christ, I can see why you think everyone cheats. You run around with 15 fps and no combat stance, I'm sure that 95% of the people you encounter kill you.
  5. this^ We just have no one to fight since explicit plays Olympus now and that's where we go for fights. I'm also pretty sure a large majority of Prime would prefer fighting over on Asylum instead of Olympus, that being said, NA Prime still fights Recursion etc at NA Times... If you want us to fight just message anyone
  6. Sorry it's short, can't seem to find anymore fights so I figured that I might as well post it. enjoy.
  7. +1 great leader! sucks you disbanded Prime for this gang tho
  8. How old are you: 37 Are you patient: yes very! Bounty Hunter or Rebel: rebel Driving Skills 1-10: 7 Flying Skills 1-10: 9 Marksman Skills 1-10: 10 Role Playing Skills 1-10:
  9. thor

    Prime Meme Thread

    Winchester so mad
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