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  1. I'm sure there are people willing to set everything up on another map.
  2. This is proof anything is possible.
  3. minmax


    Anyone else make the connection that his profile pic looks kinda like Bubba J?
  4. Uhm, not sure what happened, it might of been me, it might not of, I know that if you kill the pilot it doesn't appear in side chat so it's entirely possible. edit - This is a flippin' joke chillax.
  5. Anything to not get another Bieber shirt.
  6. They might only work on certain vehicles, for me it worked on a sport hatchback.
  7. They work, as long as you don't make them too long.
  8. How bout giving cops the Promet MR, it's pretty neat. From the cop perspective everyone outside of a vehicle or not 'red'' has the name 'any', also titles don't work.
  9. In order to win the contest I paid off the judge with the prize money.
  10. It wasn't that great of a joke, lets just say that. Plus that's not really the point of the video.
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