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  1. I'm pretty sure it's faster to just spawn in Athira pull a hatch and drive.
  2. I put some numbers together and got this, if you're not on here it's because you don't have enough money to be relevant or are 'Section F' which I can't seem to look at rn. #1 FarmersVille $272,466,568 #2 Black Label Society $254,968,310 #3 Drunk Squad $194,367,742 #4 CEO of Fed $187,779,018 #5 Dirty Pigs $153,128,918 #6 K Rauta $102,231,810 #7 PeaceKeepers $66,580,824 #8 Envy $65,835,368 #9 The Boys $63,226,705 #10 RPD $55,981,509 @Boon Add a leaderboard that adds up the wealth of the gang bank and all the combined wealth of the gang members.
  3. minmax

    Fed Garage

    Just gonna bump again.
  4. That's what I first thought about doing at first and still it probably should exist to some degree, but it isn't really risky if 10 cops are online and fighting banks and prisons back to back for 2 hours and don't have the time to check drug fields.
  5. They'd still have to risk selling and buy real estate near a trader.
  6. I was just thinking whenever there are a whole lot of people online, especially cops very few people try to make money so my suggestion is to increase the prices of the contraband base on how many people there are on the server, same goes for when there are very few people on the server, reduce the prices so if there's less risk there is less reward. Just spit balling. edit - let me rephrase this, more people, drugs sell for more, less people drugs sell for less. Desired outcome: people actually run drugs on a full server.
  7. It depends how much of the code they can reuse and how much new code they would have to develop for it, I'd probably guess a week, then again I have no idea what pace the dev team works at.
  8. I did say that the message should be able to be forwarded to the actual officer automatically, as far as the kill feed goes I can't imagen that it would be too hard to swap out the officers actual name for their UC name.
  9. You clearly don't watch Thomas & Friends. CHIGGA CHIGGA CHOO CHOO
  10. Yea, I’m wondering if a fake player could be added to the player list with the same name as the one equipped. I can’t imagine it would be too difficult to forward the message to the actual officer. As for the rest @Danny covered it pretty well, it is corporal plus so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue either way.
  11. You obviously don't play cop and don't understand why this would be useful so let me explain. Sure it would waste time logging out and back in to change your name but this isn't for that, this is so you can maintain your cover because your UC name won't appear on the player list, just like when you equip an Eminent title that doesn't make 'The Eminent minmax' appear on the player list just 'minmax'.
  12. I just thought this up, have an option at the police HQ or on a phone for UC cops to change their name, sort of like equiping a title.
  13. Well 'someone' is stupid, there are 2 ways of driving it out, 1 grab literally any gun and shoot out the back tires. 2 jump in it and try to drive it (it will kill you but it will also deflat the tires and you can always respawn after 30 seconds), after doing either one of these will leave the tires slightly deflated allowing you to drive it out. Another thing is you can't pull the flat bed out, which doesn't require either of these methods, it fits perfectly fine.
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