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  1. only reason i have the amount of bloodmoney i have is cause i cannot lose it unless i spend it which i dont, alll my bloodmoney shows is that i killed alot of people but if i would lose some everytime i die then i would be nowhere close and having alot of bloodmoney would mean something.
  2. Bloodmoney is already super easy to get if these buffs get added please make it so you lose some if you die. I dont like the idea of only gaining and having 0 chance of losing especially if getting bloodmoney without waring is gonna be a thing
  3. Just get a global ban and he will unban u straight away
  4. Oskarr


    NO WAY U GOT BANNED FOR TRYING TO KILL SOMEONE if thats the reason and they dont show any proof this should be enough for @Mitch (IFRIT) to unban u wtf is this
  5. Unknowns best player is this bad!!!!!
  6. u are talking like asylum still got all these players as they did back in the day the only players left are unknown and synthetic and sure u go get ur 20+ members on for the conquest and realise how fun its going to be when no one contests u
  7. just do the old east arms this has way to many places to be shot out almost impossible to push
  8. All skill coming from the milk
  9. KingSKOG approves this KingRYAN montage!
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