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  1. who knows the shed might come up magically listed to market
  2. wow editor flying so cool man @Mitch (IFRIT)When we adding a down vote button
  3. cringe where'd the funny dislike post go
  4. Did this freak scream after every death back then?
  5. devs are gonna look at the flag thing if its an exploit bans will be given just like everyone else TB ON TOP
  6. all the bells free my guy, few of them owe the IRS some tax money but they are free @Pixie5 days for my 3mil btw
  7. we are aware of domination payouts not working correctly your gang is getting your cut from the payout, it is on you guys to go to your gang and get your cut we're working on a fix and until then you will need to get your cut from your gangmates We "think" this is happening due to players joining gangs after event has started , do your best to join before event EDITED TO PROPERLY EXPLAIN WHATS HAPPENING
  8. This OBVIOUSLY means if you're vault healing you will be banned yes we know when you're doing it
  9. Not sure why I have to make this post but ABUSING any exploit to gain a monetary or combat advantage in any way is not allowed on our server. Anyone caught doing such things will be punished. We do not care if you're a whitelisted player for either faction. Any sort of exploitation of our server can result in removal / points in their respective faction, and or server bans / removal.
  10. Can't constantly be implementing new things into the server when there are plenty of things broken that are currently on it. QOL and minor fixes to things are still progress and should be looked at as progress
  11. We will never be able to please everyone, Also when was the last time you had a cqc fight without a single smoke popped, hell even against cops when was the last time you had any good CQC combat without a smoke and tell me how good or bad it was even though no one asked but my 2 cents, you will never be able to push a single cap without a smoke it just won't work, even with a 10 man it would be a very hard thing to achieve against good players that are setup on a cap
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