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  1. -1 most biased skidmark ive ever encountered.

    1. Ratatouille


      Yo jays in the stu cookin up a fire new album so u can hop off his dick man. Unless he nvm

  2. more likes than the actual montage, @Bherky message me on the forums when you want me to hide it
  3. A group of 6-7 players/friends that play everyday all day together will always have a better chance than 15 cops that are forced to play together
  4. you guys are down bad, I haven't seen a group cry more in my life play the fckn game retard
  5. guess house isn't going to be able to make void for the 17th time goodluck
  6. Could be a couple things, if you're trying to get a specific answer @'ing admins is the wrong way of going about it, if you think admins have any gameplay decision power you're wrong. Few things I can think of (my opinion no one else's) 1. If you have money, don't need to make it (running drugs , or other activities), Makes people avoid conflict / RP which the server lives on 2. blow money on things like vests and speed bombs, one thing we hear A lot of complaints about are people vesting innocent bystanders or speed bombs blowing up people that weren't intended. 3. A lot of players complain about people only riding around in high profile vehicles (ifrits, Qilin's (before nerf) At the end of the day I'd like to think they aren't targeting people hoarding money specifically, the devs are trying to create content and value behind things that don't have value to majority of player base, nothing any dev will ever make will not have problems whether it's balancing or functionality, In every single patch in the history of Asylum there's been a problem with something being broken or needing fixing. sure it's costing you a little bit of money now, the mining rigs look like a money sink but you never know what you might need Bitcoin for.
  7. Nice one tom, even though u cry a bunch its fun to fight you guys sometimes
  8. facts, gotta lay low on the admin esp can't let mitch find out
  9. And then you got me, yungbeamg0dxx
  10. my game and settings suck, you don't want mine
  11. 4k making space for rust fraggy
  12. kuya na mabuti shit panatilihin rebelde gaganapin para sa akin
  13. bind to a custom control if possible
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