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  1. we had sunday dom's and 20 people would show up for multiple weeks more than likely won't happen
  2. Last knowledge of this is yes its in progress, no ETA
  3. LOL there seems to be a slight differential in build
  4. Jokes on you, Yusheng hosts after school classes on how to report, eat a bag of dicks
  5. Have them stop being a bunch of dumbasses and they wont get banned???? Also kinda cringe u need 15 people on to have an active gang war some would say heinous
  6. When will BBNB stop ending gang wars, Cannot claim to be best gang on asylum if ending gang wars Give me back my free war kills
  7. It's all situational on how bad the canister's are placed on hill's or slopes radius isn't more than 5 meters( if I remember the testing that was done)
  8. Not activating windows gives 10 FPS in smoke
  9. Not sure why I have to say it again, Quick spooling no matter the circumstance is NOT A BANNABLE OFFENSE There may be in the future a rule change / clarification but at the moment no admin will be banning for quick spooling
  10. Incorrect, ATM the admin team is not banning for quick spooling, There may however be a rule change in the future, so stay tuned for any rule clarifications in the future
  11. Whats the worse that happens? put the shit in and take it out if it sucks, Huge +1 from me, blood bags are useless with passive healing
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