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  1. How are the other servers doing with multiple maps and zones? All jokes aside its a thought but isn't a priority we're working on fine tuning the current version
  2. its one of those things where less is more, if its every day it loses value and people dont care as much about making sure to show up
  3. I fuck with the 120 FOV, Game sounds make any arma video better not bad bro hopefully you guys keep playing server would be lowkey dead without another rebel group around.
  4. I don't know how "alive" you think arma in general is nowadays, but 55+ people at a cartel event is not considered "dead" buddy
  5. Alright let me ask around see if we can the goal isn't to force players to choose between servers, obviously we'd like you to play ours over others but the end goal is to bring fighting back.
  6. First off thank you to everyone coming out Few things we've noticed We will no longer be Pardoning / TP players that were not prepared for Domination (use server 1 for getting prepared) Admins are going to be allowed to play, don't cry in side chat about them if you see them doing sketchy stuff make reports From this day forward Domination times will be static and will not be changed unless huge problems occur Down below are the static time frames and days Tuesday 2PM (PST) Thursday 2PM (PST) Saturday 12PM (PST) And lastly lets keep it competitive but with integr
  7. saw some Gamer Dillon frags, becoming less of a meat shield everyday, steve would be proud
  8. Next Domination 2/25/2021 2 PM (PST)
  9. Respawning is a touchy subject, everyone wants something different so we kinda went with what we thought would just be easiest. Devs are aware of Despawn script with Y inventory and vehicles, currently coming up with a fix Points were changed from 100 to 150 but can be adjusted we aren't sure what we really want to do, but making the fight longer has some benefits IE: "letting people get home from work / school and showing up late if they can't come at the start":. We wanted to avoid giving "money" per kill that's why blood money is a thing. We wanted a 3rd rebel but its a d
  10. We don't expect to have the greatest attendance on a Tuesday for the first Domination Come out if you can if you can't we'll see you either on Thursday or Saturday if it's a huge problem with time we will re visit a poll to have a vote again CANT MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY PS. I kinda agree with having a variety of times so that it rotates for people.
  11. tough crowd, no likes or comments an hour in, Want me to hide it ?
  12. Big Smelly Jay

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