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  1. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by •ÐŠ• Randy in V2 IS LIVE   
    At least comp us for the 20k crates that we lost, really dont understand why i have to buy it all again.
  2. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Donald Clinton in Change age requirements to join APD   
    when they changed the age to 16 for a while, myself and several others got to constable and are still cops now so it might not be a bad idea to try it again
  3. Nicolas March liked a post in a topic by Infamous [FULL SEND] in Add Dance Moves!   
    does that mean you can make all of DH dance
  4. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Jake in The N. Brown   
    Honestly the DS Billy part had me rolling lmfao
  5. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Mitch (IFRIT) in Add Dance Moves!   
    Can only apply them to NPC's. Sadly.
    I.hope they change that. I'd dance on DH when we wipe them at cartels. Shitters 
    P.s locked because I felt like it 
  6. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Innate in V2 feedback   
    Pizza Man for contributor 

  7. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Huan Lee in Forums Suggestion   
    +1 lets make asylum have a mid life crisis and act young and hip
  8. BlueG liked a post in a topic by Infamous [FULL SEND] in What is unused / not needed?   
    removing the doors was one thing making it 50k is another lower the prices please @Gen. Henry Arnold
  9. Toxicc liked a post in a topic by Infamous [FULL SEND] in dirty grass - OPEN   
    Name - Infarat
    What makes you dirty - I rat cartels and play in the oil at oil cartel
    What makes you grass - I am one with the grass behind star rock 
  10. Clint Beastwood liked a post in a topic by Infamous [FULL SEND] in Asylum V2 Story a TL;DR   
    sounds like no life fun I would like to no life on asylum
  11. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Mason Statham #freepage in Asylum V2 Story a TL;DR   
    To be fair if Gnashes was in the jet it wouldn't of lifted off
  12. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Chester GoldPenis in dirty grass - OPEN   
    Name - chesta
    What makes you dirty - I don't wipe my ass...
    What makes you grass - no damn clue, just am
  13. Clint Beastwood liked a post in a topic by Infamous [FULL SEND] in Jesse's dog name?   
  14. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Jesse in Jesse's dog name?   
    Her name is Luna.

  15. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Pizza Man in Jesse's dog name?   
    literally stand down and bow to my queen.
  16. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Roice in List of suggestions from a long time player   
    This is actually a really interesting idea
  17. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Reformed epTic in List of suggestions from a long time player   
    We'll start with some of @Hanzo/Dirty Scrubz suggestions that are buried in the shitshow that is the APD roleplay thread 
    Break out of jail or assist = fine + jail time Kidnap a cop = strip him of his gear (make it a talent) and then kill him or release him Banks/feds = required to attend, don't be a pussy. (ADDING ON, FUCKING PRIORITIZE THREATS, IF THERE'S 4 SHOOTERS ON A ROOFTOP AT LEAST ELIMINATE 2 OF THEM)  No more precincts even if v2 brings server pop back up Dismiss all Lt/SGTs, start election for a fresh batch of 4-8 that have better gear + vehicles Remove UC from the game, it never worked right and is just a waste of coding time Everyone can rank up to Corporal based on time played (track their hours). So no knee padding required and at that rank you should be able to get lethals but not before. Make lethal scenarios very black and white so there's no gray area. If someone breaks the lethal rule and there's clear evidence, demote them back to Constable for a month. Allow street language for APD, no sir this and sir that bullshit. They aren't waiters at some high end restaurant. (ADDED obviously don't go around calling people Ninjas, but even real cops are allowed to curse. Throwing in a casual fuck or shit is a great way to deescalate a situation and show that you're not some super uptight hard ass) SGT+ rank is voted upon by current sgt/lt/captain + server owner. Sgt/lt/captains have term limits and must elect replacements after 6-12 months. Once they retire, they go back down to the rank of Corporal w/no reqs. Getting the aforementioned ranks should be hard work. Give captain armed ghosthawk w/limited use scenarios. (Doing a bank/fed with 15+ people? Guess what? BRRRRRRRRRRR. Attacking an HQ? Better hope you rescue your friend before the Captain arrives) Give rebels access to a lot more arma 3 guns to even out the odds and lower the price Make gang wars worth it like Olympus by using the points towards rebel outpost gear. In fact, since Jesse has the code, just copy Olympus straight up. Whitelisted medics who will be the RP faction of the server along with civs if they choose Admins cannot spawn in items or loot unless doing a special server event w/the consent of 2 other admins and/or server owner. Their only perk will be getting free server money (set amount) each month. If they are caught spawning in loot w/out asking, get rid of them. Inactive admins = removed. Admins must start at the bottom of the APD just like any other regular player. No favoritism given to them. No admin can be Captain/SGT/Lt and admin at the same time, you have to pick one or the other. Admins should have ZERO authority over the APD and get rid of the 2nd Lt rank. Now for some original ideas; 
    Add money making methods that encourage roleplay. How the fuck is driving off into middle of the ocean to gather shit supposed to foster any roleplay? Here's some ideas/examples
    Burger Shop employees Add fishing from piers/docks/shores Taxi Jobs Tourism Guides (Whenever someone is new to the server they can opt into having a tourism guide assigned to them. This guide would show the player around the server and introduce him into the different ways to make money and how to do certain activities) Delivery Services  Event coordinators (Allow players to coordinate shit like races, concerts, silly crowd events like soccer, demolition derbies, etc Allow businesses to be purchased. These could range from burger shops, fishing shops, vehicle stores, etc. This would allow the people with large amounts of money to invest into something. They can hire employees to increase their profits (and RP), and everyone involved gets a nice dose of RP. Being an employee of one of these businesses will allow those who are heavily into roleplay (or want a break from the fighting just to chill and talk with people) to still feel like they're progressing on the server. Lord knows how many hours Cassandra has spent sitting in Kavala Square doing fuckall.  Add more legal ways to make money, that are actually decent money. People who are new to the server aren't willing to do illegal shit where they're just going to be KoS. You used to always find people doing diamonds and some fun roleplay was to be had, but now it's empty. 
    Remove defibs for everyone but medics. Make fights about who actually are the better fighters, not who can spam defibs the fastest. 
    APD can respond to a situation more than once/twice, whatever it is these days, but they must do so in WAVES. Olympus has this shit right. Allow time for rebels to disengage and leave the area without a constant zerg rush of cops. That said, it also gives the cops greater chances to win engagements if they push as a team instead of trickling in one by one. 
    Add a community service option instead of parole/jail. People don't want to go to jail, and putting someone on parole for small shit seems like a fucking trap to make money. Allow people with reasonable tickets/charges to take on community service jobs. Cleaning up trash along the highways or in cities,  working at one of the community events hosted by the event coordinators,  idk just throwing out a few ideas
    Instead of doing shit while IN jail to reduce jail time that is boring as fuck and fosters no RP, allow creative ways for prisoners to work off their time. Similar idea to community service above
    Fuck off with spawning outside of the jail. When you're released from prison, the majority of states allow you to have a free bus ticket. Allow people to spawn back in Kavala/Pygros/Athira/Sofia/whatever the fuck without having to suicide and lose their shit.
    Add the Titan MPRL. Land or be titaned (jk) 
    Revamp the point system for the APD. It's too easy for people to abuse it as the APD is largely nothing but very distinct cliques these days. If you have a IAD against you, if the higher up in your circle of friends takes care of it nothing will happen even if it's serious shit. Choose a few senior members from the community to handle the IADs, and change them out every couple months to ensure that there's always a fresh set of eyes handling IADs. 
    Let people be hitmen. It'll require heavy investment from the talent trees and you'd still require proper initiation, but it'd be something fun for the lone wolves to do. After all, we're fighting with cartels here. Cartels have hitmen. Carrying out a hit would be a charge that's higher than manslaughter, and if the hitman is caught during the process of carrying out the murder, the person who placed the hit will be charged with an equally significant charge.
    Totally stealing this from RuneScape, but Crack the Clue challenges would be fucking fun and create community cohesion as people worked together to solve the puzzles. iirc something like this was planned way back in the day with random treasure maps, but it could be taken a step further and allow for fun events where the community is working together for once instead of against each other.
    I'll add more later as I think of it tbh but just some ideas i thought of while in the shower
  18. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by DarkKnight in 2 life rule enforced for Feds, Bank, Prison, and Evidence Lockup   
    That was the old rule that I made. Unfortunately I got out voted and it was removed. 
  19. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Revenant in Scopes are currently broken   
    That’s what you get for buying an erco 
  20. Infamous [FULL SEND] liked a post in a topic by Jihadi Jim in Jihadi Jim's Jihadtage!   
    This is for Humor, I've collected clips over the couple months of playing to make a Jihadtage. Don't take this serious lmao, this isnt a skill montage its for humor. It was nice making this montage going through different gangs like, VP, Mayhem, Reckless, Altis pistol bangers, Full send, and more gangs. Big thanks to @Demon!, @Infamous [FULL SEND], @Jcore, @Goofi, @KAI <3, @BaDaBiNg_10-8, All of Isis @Jihadi John, @rick the poonslayer, and more people. Also would like to say sorry for the people I bothered if i ever did,  @Mitch (IFRIT), most of all the admins, and some people in shit talking. This took a while too make, but came in a perfect time for v2.   Enjoy the montage, and have fun lmao.    07 Badabing and Jihadi John     (No Duning, pullers, or lag switches were used in the making)
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