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  1. Who?

    1. Tea.


      fucking cares

    2. Eduardo


      Even i dont know anymore

  2. Im officially back

    1. Infamous [FULL SEND]

      Infamous [FULL SEND]

      Eduardo buddy you didnt get mod and you got your support tags removed i think its time to give up, unless... you some how by the grace of god and a miracle you get probe and strat back you should stop playing this dog shit game.

  3. Eduardo

    Admin Events

    I think the convoy event that used to happen back in the day was pretty cool
  4. Here we are once again

    1. Infamous [FULL SEND]

      Infamous [FULL SEND]

      ah shit here we go again, its ok buddy next time right?

    2. Sikorsky
  5. I remember when that RCN clip happened xd
  6. To be completely honest the best parts are when it speeds up
  7. Brazilian squad would beat everyone tbh
  8. Not the first time it has happened to me
  9. What am i watching?
  10. I play at 100. U can hit shots up to 900m if u are not blind with it, but anything above this u are guessing tbh
  11. Why isnt that a thing yet? Nowadays when u buy a loadout it is always the same price. It doesnt matter if u you own arms, have gang perks, owns 2 turfs, its always the same. And it doesnt take into account what gear from the loadout you already have.
  12. Congratz to everyone!
  13. U cant get it out through the back, squeeze it through
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