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  1. I've played this server for 4 years. Just took a lot of breaks from it
  2. Who am i? Good question. I dont even know the answer to that one
  3. Just remembering this old but gold clip
  4. Welcome back! So, the wiki has some information that can be of use: http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Main_Page. Some things on it are outdated, but we are working on updating and improving it in the near future. If u have any questions, u can hop on the ts: ts3.gaming-asylum.com:9216 When u are there, just get into the "General Support" channel and we will give all the help u need. Alternatively, just message me on discord (Exviews) or in here. Kind regards and merry christmas!
  5. Not the worst i've seen. Love u dad
  6. It was never the gun that was the problem, i really dont mind fighting bounty hunters when im geared. The only problem is when they are camping the rebels after a fight, to try to down u naked or sit in therisa waiting for the respawns.
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