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  1. That’s a valid point as well , we’ll i stand corrected .
  2. Understandable on that note , how about the tempest suggestion ?
  3. Possibly make it to where you can purchase keys in-game with asylum cash. Keys could range 200-300k per(maybe mark it up a bit more than the real dollar value of keys). Secondly , perhaps increase tempest pricing from the current 70k to 150k. This would make pulling a tempest not only worth what you pay for , but also a little more scarier to pull & run the risk of losing.(purely a balancing suggestion) @Jesse @Gen. Henry Arnold @Azeh @Clint Beastwood
  4. https://gyazo.com/f1d34467075089456e5f8fd715a66605
  5. Bringing back up for attention.
  6. I don't need kneepads, i have build in armored kneecaps, and i have a stash of grapefruit. Lmk
  7. Thank you Jesse, and all of the other Devs for your hard work, & thank you Jesse for sacrificing sleep to get us to where we are currently, and working your main job & still coming home to do work for this server. I think it goes without saying, as much as we bitch and complain, we are still incredibly grateful for you & all of the Dev's working tirelessly to launch V2 in hopes of reviving asylum. Thank you <3
  8. She was on the four, and got voted off, and I guess got signed to a record label. Maybe y'all might like her,
  9. Accepted as a strict trial. Discord sent via PM
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