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  1. Space Apes Space Apes is a group of long time friends, some new, and some old. We are currently looking to expand and bring in new friends, to hopefully share not only great Arma 3 experiences with but also create more long lasting friendships. We fight anything from cartels, to cops, to trolling each other and just creating a positive, easy going atmosphere of "grown" men in the discord. Please just simply copy & paste the format below with your answers, and we will toss you a discord invite for a trial period of no more than 5 days. "Typically" 1-3 days. Name In Game : _______________ Arma 3 Hours : _______________ Age : _______________ Previous Gangs (if applicable) : _______________ How Active Will You Be : _______________ Owners of the Gang : @GravL @KaReeM Kinte Members (not including hierarchy) : @Ryland20 @Madlibs @Grizz @Wõřțhłęšš Untaggable members : Jeb:) , Michael, Jamie, Suspect Nat, Mada, Neoo
  2. Feel like this could be an insanely fun admin event, even potentially hosted on a second server to prevent aids & punish people properly. Please make this a thing!
  3. Deer* & don't be a pansy ape mitch. Snow is beautiful. Take all tractors out in snow, have good time w/ mitch
  4. Additions should probably be as followed: Miner 5k Greenhouse 10k Aging Barrel 12.5k Gang Base 10k Lead Container 15k
  5. If I wanted to get buttfucked; I'd go sit in prison with bubba
  6. Gang houses - Automatically pull from gang bank (30k cap) 1 crate houses - 20k cap electric bill 2 crate houses - 30k cap electric bill 3 crate houses - 50k cap electric bill The current prices seem entirely too steep.
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