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  1. Server: 4 House Size 220k Location: Sofia Asking Price: $250k Pictures/Video Walk-through:
  2. It seems like these are missing from the homepage.
  3. If it is a Mohawk you sometimes have to lie under it to be able to start the repair, otherwise I don't know.
  4. I mean I was with Google and he did say no balls
  5. That's weird, might be a bug on my client's part. I tried changing what it was bound to and it still did nothing.
  6. Custom key 2 no longer opens the item pickup menu
  7. Step 1. Go to manage player profile Step 2. Go to Unit & select edit Step 3. Go to Custom, then you get your player ID
  8. Weird thing is that for the one way war thing is that when you kill them it gets you war kills but it doesn't count as a war death from them
  9. Has anyone else on server four had wars saying that a war is occurring to one side but not the other? So far I've had/heard it happen with 2 gangs.
  10. Didn't do it, I just edited the videos together because I saw I still had them on my hard drive
  11. If anyone cares about the clips, message me about it so I can take it down if you want.
  12. Yeah dude, He dies almost every time