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  1. What I'm saying is that when I stream, I don't make the entire screen gameplay: so if I switch from streaming to recording without expanding the capture window, it stays in that little box and it fills in the rest of the screen with blackness:
  2. I play and record in 1080 but because I don't do fullscreen when streaming, if I don't go back and make the recording fullscreen, it creates black borders. I figured it wasn't worth the effort to fix.
  3. Check out this absolutely insane spawn kill! Why am I not signed for pro yet? this is what happens when varex plays after smoking.
  4. This is still open and likely will be for a while since I lost my momentum. Feel free to still grab tickets here
  5. varex

    Roblox Montage!

    0:36-0:39 The only thing I can hear is "You're the reason I'm alone and masturbate" What are the real lyrics?
  6. lmao this is william's giveaway, not mine. And @BioHazard, I think he's doing the giveaway tonight while playing GTAV
  7. The mouse4 push to talk bind without unbinding zoom out in Arma gave me AIDS
  8. How old are you: 18 (sorry I don't meet req; figured I'd try anyways) Do you own any properties: I currently own four houses on S4 and one on S5 Cartel Skills: 7; I have a decent knowledge of callouts, traditional tactics, and how to communicate effectively Driving Skills: 9; occasional crashes Flying Skills: 3; I can certainly fly and do something decent in the air, but landing takes a few minutes. Working on getting better, though! Marksman Skills: 5; nothing special, about average Role Playing Skills: 8; I know how to have a good time and make things interesting Past Clans: I was in Reapers (S4) for nearly four months. Do you own Apex DLC: yes
  9. too erotic for my taste
  10. Perhaps when I get internet speeds above 3mbps
  11. varex


    15-20 fps generally. I usually get less than 10 when flying. feelsbad
  12. thnxbb, love yours too
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