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  1. This game seems eventful
  2. Yung nibba aslan going hard
  3. Just watched it, so he was banned from asylum or was it a bohemia ban?
  4. Just like crippling depression is
  5. Im kinda baffed and have no idea wtf that video was meant to tell me
  6. Sorry, dont remember ever seeing you wipe me at a cartel, and me ever trying to kneepad you, so good job trynna roast me
  7. Dont make me blow up optimus prime
  8. How is reliance trynna say they wipe people, all you gotta do is watch their grotty gangs video and see how retarded they are, you check out @Tom latest montage, see at the end how retarded they are saying you need to "stick together". They are all jokes
  9. Well i just changed the words in your so called come back, so in theory you are taking the piss out off your one, now good day
  10. Dont remember crying, i asked to join and you said no bcs i turned down the chance to join when you asked me when you first created the gang, and i feel like ive been better off not going down the path you have since your supposed gang is a meme
  11. You are the hopeless one, learn what combat stance is
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