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  1. Everyone- Our data center will be performing maintenance on an upstream device on 9/24/18 between 3 and 5 AM EST. We can expect either temporary or complete outages during that time. Thanks, Bamf
  2. I've made a change in the configuration file for S1 that will take effect at the next restart. Might catch it with the patch that I just kicked off.
  3. HF4: Fixed an exploit related to infamy Being an active participant in a bank robbery now gives you infamy Being an active participant in a prison break now gives you infamy Tweaked the S3 daily up/down system
  4. You mean why are there timers? Because there is almost zero risk to a drug runner mission, so the timer adds "pressure" to get it done.
  5. This is where it is for now:
  6. HF3: Fixed a bug preventing gold bar sales from giving infamy Drug runner missions now give infamy Also fixed an apparently long standing bug related to goldbar pricing when you own the turf that increases the sale price
  7. I just tested this on dev, and this is not true. I sold 100x coke and got 100 x selling a single coke would give me. It's rounded all the way out to 3 digits... I'm fixing this right now. Hopefully it will be pushed momentarily.
  8. Isn't it a good thing that people are running drugs though? Edit: The things that rebels and gangs have always asked for: Easier to make money, things cost less - the patch has ways to make that happen New content - Check Buffs to medical etc for rebels - Check This patch wasn't a rewrite of the cartel system. The cartel system is really the only truly "gang" thing in the game. I was giving things to rebels in general, not just to that one piece of game play.
  9. I think you probably typed that up before I edited the post above. You're gaining somewhat passive infamy for doing gang things. Being in a gang is not the only thing that rebels do.
  10. The difference here with the medical speeds is that 3 cops can have that at a time whereas everyone in your gang/group/whatever can have an increase with the new tree. As for people saying this was thrown together in a week - it wasn't. The rebel tree has been written up for a long time, we had just been dealing with performance issues etc and had not gotten it implemented until now. I think the community really confuses civ vs. rebel vs. gang. The reason this feels like a "civ" tree to you is that rebels are "bad" civilians and gangs are something different. Gang life is more end game, whereas being a rebel is something people do all the time.
  11. The Bank is going to be patched to give infamy to those that participate - but only if it succeeds. The Fed is giving infamy - sell gold bars and get infamy...
  12. The reason this isn't a thing is because people kill trade. They do it for war ranking, and they would continue to do it for infamy.
  13. See HF2
  14. That's coming. It just didn't make it yet.
  15. Actually it is mentioned in the first post: Experience for Infamy is earned by turning in scalps, robbing the fed, robbing the bank, prison breaks, gas station robberies, selling gold bars, chopping vehicles, and selling drugs.