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  1. Wesly

    Montage #10 // Instinct #1 NEW CHAPTER

    I was there for 2:47 haha. . . . Nice vest, not really.
  2. Wesly

    Montage 3

  3. Wesly

    1v4 PUBG with an UMP

    Not Adam East.
  4. Wesly

    1v4 PUBG with an UMP

    actually, yes.
  5. Wesly

    1v4 PUBG with an UMP

    One of my PUBG friends
  6. Justst wanted to put this here because of the 3 man potato. Hit me up for some PUBG. Steam: Crosswalker(Wesly)
  7. Wesly

    My Second Montage | -ヤ- Wesly

    Was going to, but didn't want to make a montage that was only good for the first 30-45 seconds. Thanks tho
  8. Wesly

    My Second Montage | -ヤ- Wesly

    Thanks, one of these days I'm gonna look into getting some fingers
  9. Still a new video editor, don't roast. Enjoy.
  10. Wesly

    Montage 3

    *Nervous Laughter*
  11. Wesly

    Montage 3

    Good Tage mah boi
  12. Sadly, we didn't get the turf lmao @Farmer Steve @Pause
  13. Wesly

    I love Arma :)

    Rip your buddy. Lmao.
  14. Wesly

    Wesly = David blaine

    thanks dad