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  1. BH simply means more players whether we like it or not
  2. So i was thinking that re adding wars between gangs for war kills and rating would be cool for those few but loyal cartel guys.Also they could make war kills-rating over a point give some type of rewards like money or unique textures.I believe this would add more incentive for kavala hobos to form gangs and fight with the regulars players.
  3. if cops can make easy money on where they are, why should they drop it and go to bank who will most likely be a wipe.A cop's POV. Sometimes they all come sometimes they don't.
  4. something to benefit all players first and not career cops like you
  5. apd ip thats new lol
  6. chigga all rookies yet 3 guys and 1 with pdw wiped 11 of you so something isn't right
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