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  1. Good Lub

    Happy 4th

    i am not british
  2. Good Lub

    Happy 4th

    fellow amerifats*
  3. smart fellow aren't you?
  4. i bet u reported him for losing your precious hobo outfit
  5. a possible alternation would be the split of drug to the different drugs(weed,heroin,cocain,meth-crank) and control over them?Also Arms could be Heavy Weapons and Armor Cartel and Light Weapons and helicopters? (much like olympus tl;dr)
  6. 23 bullets to down a hobo?do us all a favour and hide this stupid post
  7. Development IDEAS not miracles sir.
  8. In game name >Grub Hours in Arma 3 (screenshot) >like 10 Age > 58 Time Zone >Moscow Previous Gangs >None Why do you want to join FSB? >Russian Do you know anyone in FSB? If so who? >Putin
  9. Good Lub


    tl;dr stop eating ant eaters or bat soup and you will be just fine
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