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  1. look look conquest on the wiki with description it says next patch it is coming yes http://gaming-asylumwiki.com/wiki/Conquest
  2. when is the quest system added tho???
  3. show who votes y/n btw
  4. can we get any reasoning behind hunters for CPL and LT Ifrits?
  5. Nice and short please follow the template when applying CAUTION-COLORED PEOPLE NEED NOT APPLY!!! Name: Continent: Nationality: Color: Paki: Vouch: Example of a gang application Name:Lub Continent:Europe(obviously) Nationality:Greek Color:White Paki:better dead than paki Vouch:Your Vouch here Good Luck!!!
  6. no? There have been times where there were 15 cops and 0 federal events were possible.Find a higher up to suck and problem solved 10 cops in drill room vs how many rebels?1,2 most 3? how is that fun? The tool is to use your brain something which most cops avoid to do for some reason
  7. if this is added then the next step should be this
  8. when are you making a thread telling officers to actually use their brains and not just zerg in and die?from my experience few SMART cops can easily win a bank no matter who is doing it
  9. i'd say something begining from n if i wasnt constable
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