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  1. these career cops and ruckus niggaz yapping like batshit insane is actually so funny. If darkwater came to domination it would easily get 4th place.
  2. have you tryed lowering shadow distance,disabling game shadows etc etc?Also maybe you have a recording software enabled which eats some of the game performance?
  3. @Spaceyou got sat by this nigga btw
  4. Dillon you have to relax man don't get angry now.
  5. @willtee18 explain 1:10 noobman
  6. rogue no dumb rogue best mann on server and planet
  7. @willtee18nice whiff 2:06 man
  8. then fuck off monkey
  9. bnb just gonna get moped again so i don't see the point in this
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