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  1. Let's hope you get caught up in the next school shooting
  2. Zaka

    The Music Thread

    wtf do you listen to damn
  3. Free Syrian Army.. Gotta have ownership of drug cartel then @Smee @Tony.
  4. You have never ben in FSA or Notorious... trying to lie so u can get in Oblivion Yikess
  5. That's not true alot of ppl run oil cause u can craft orca's ifrit's or 50cal's from the rubber u get from it and how oil cartel works now more ppl will defend it cause u getting rubber from the fridge now so it make since that oil cartel should just be a perm location like dp11 or fine an other location instead of oil rig
  6. Ingame name cbakes Hours: 2k wanna play with steve's 4 head
  7. I and many other ppl i play with always use repacking mag. Wen you doing a prison or bank and u ben there for a while dont you see its a good option to repack u mags? or do u wanna be stuck with 7-8 bullets in each mag
  8. did you shank somebody
  9. that's what they do in USA so why not do it in asylum aswell
  10. Zaka


    @Smee do you job and help him
  11. @DS_Billy wen i saw it come flying. i was like wtf is he doing xD
  12. there is no point reporting a CPT cause nothing will happend i texted Codie and asked why he just unrestrain me and lethal me he texted me back and said i didnt fell like dealing with you o_O
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