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  1. @Kelly babe when are you doing a doodle of the gangwar champion Zaka
  2. i just think its stupid that captains can do what ever they want and dont give a fuck about what the ppl are saying about it as CM its your job to fix it and not let the captains think they own this server cause it seems like it
  3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18B4adXnJSIPHiAQsNKJmkeNyIIKCmNbLuAlSZFtvm3A/edit LT's do you're job
  4. @Rafael let the APD rise up again like it once was
  5. UNBLACKLIST the ppl who knows how to shoot then the fed will be an ez fight for the cops... APD swat leader "BLS zdeat" alrdy something wrong there
  6. Not rly John lemmon "didnt play arma for a while you guys got more hours then me past 2weeks"
  7. Just another day for THE BHOYS
  8. Zaka

    #Free Zaka

    neck u faggot
  9. Imagine calling ppl out for cheating cause he got ripped behind a ifrit and 1 month later he gets global ban @ZRPH any comment on that you fat retard?
  10. hahahahah you seem rly butt hurt
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