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  1. Zaka

    Hi i am new

    come back you asian fuck miss u
  2. my x button doesn't work xd
  3. Zaka

    Donor Shed

    hahah kom tilbage din javla homo
  4. Zaka

    Donor Shed

    go shoot up a school fat little retard
  5. Zaka

    Donor Shed

    Offer https://gyazo.com/210409e979f6138011d8ab360bdb5531
  6. yeah well then make it that after 50civ.. you should be able to have 20 cops on so ppl can do a real prison bank or fed...
  7. just remove the cop cap there has ben no cop cap for so many years why change it now. Just because of those retards who is makin money all day and nothing els says it's not fair?
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