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  1. my fav person right there <3
  2. Who's Samson XD
  3. And help the man at the end of this video he's a confused brony Has anyone seen my orca by any chance? Ran away from me last week ):
  4. Hey Jaxon.....




    You smell.




  5. LOL. Maybe..
  6. Lol i didn't even know it would happen is what makes it so priceless.
  7. Make $$$ and put new mods on my motorcycle! Oooooo House hunting is so exhilarating!
  8. Happy New Years!
  9. Pretttttttttty much ):
  10. lol niko
  11. Try getting out of the house? Or maybe getting a job/career? (; take care.
  12. Love what you started it with. XD fuck that happening 480k comp <3 (:
  13. ak12 mk-1 c;
  14. its meant as a shout out to our friendship, calm down gents. @~ Mike ~ @Google™