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  1. I’ll suck off @Clockwerk any day mans got a fatty cock
  2. Your retarded kid I was in plague I fought all day against kids with actual fingers. There all gone now peace nn.
  3. Who fights cartels on this server besides shitters? Who have like 4-5 people
  4. ?? @Mitch (IFRIT)
  5. Could we possibly make a rebel hunter that has a certain skin that cops could seize just like an ifrit because I enjoy using the hunter because when you drop on passenger seats you come out with your gun unlike the ifrit where it takes a second to come out if you drop on the passenger side?
  6. @Jesse can you add wetsuits to rebel real quick with this hotfix please and thank you
  7. You’re saying you want a ghost hawk that only captains can pull and your argument for my hunters is only higher ups can pull but only a captain can pull a ghost hawk so how is this fixing anything for you as a constable? You also have constables who are swat now that get free striders so that makes no sense.
  8. You don’t understand how broken that shit is until you have them flying around after some random retard that’s not even in your gang shoots at it. Then the pilot goes “guns hot they shot at us” as your whole team gets fucked up in seconds with that thing. We use hunters in most of our feds which is the same armor you monkeys can get so I don’t know what your talking about tbh with you. And once you shoot out one gunner the ghost hawk just flys up high so that the other gunner can just start fucking your whole team up and makes it impossible to shoot them out because of how high you have to shoot.
  9. Nah don’t fucking do this Olympus is a shit hole because of that reason
  10. better gamer wins nothing new here
  11. Wetsuits at rebel, black mk200’s, full screen night vision, scopes at evidence, when you use redgull you have less sway.
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