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  1. And you never will be
  2. How many smoke breaks were taken in the making of this video?
  3. Oh we know this already your behind on the news. CEO on top always and forever
  4. Your lucky the boys at ceo of fed are banned or this would be a huge problem.
  5. Shitters always think cause someone’s better than them it means there cheating. No wonder the players on this server blow so much cock so many excuses. Nice swat team btw “high tier players only”.
  6. We talking about the robux I bought
  7. Glad I could pay for your gaming career with the money I bought over the years.
  8. I’ll never understand why Steve buys an mk and mags less room for grenades.
  9. I got an n word pass from my wife’s boyfriend If y’all want one let me know I’ll trade you for the Chigga pass.
  10. +1 this guy shoots black player models on sight
  11. Nice suicide vest didn’t know they came in green
  12. 2020 winner for worst montage
  13. It’s a bad montage it’s my honest opinion I would rather someone tell me it’s bad so I can improve on shit then sugarcoat it and say “good job dude your absolutely insane at this game. Best montage I’ve ever laid my eyes on”. Can’t take criticism then don't post it
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