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  1. I got an n word pass from my wife’s boyfriend If y’all want one let me know I’ll trade you for the Chigga pass.
  2. +1 this guy shoots black player models on sight
  3. Nice suicide vest didn’t know they came in green
  4. 2020 winner for worst montage
  5. It’s a bad montage it’s my honest opinion I would rather someone tell me it’s bad so I can improve on shit then sugarcoat it and say “good job dude your absolutely insane at this game. Best montage I’ve ever laid my eyes on”. Can’t take criticism then don't post it
  6. “Best player 2 touch the sticks”
  7. Id rather play escape from tarkov then this shit game most days. Camping rebels isn’t fun anymore no fights
  8. Watched the first clip and just turned off the video
  9. I’m gonna be real with you they were busted on Olympus and asylum because they had doors and were cheap so everyone would buy one and just slam solo onto cap because there’s less of a chance of you shooting 10 different qilins out then one or two ifrits. But if they were about 10-15k cheaper than an ifrit I feel like that would be a good price because qilins are definitely Not better than ifrits so most people would still rather use ifrits because it’s only 10k more.
  10. Ifrits 60k right? Normal qilin without doors =20k, qilin with added doors =45k. so it’s 15k less than a ifrit with less armor and no smokes.
  11. 20k for the quilin, 20-25k more to add doors as a vehicle mod
  12. Or just don’t go into Kavala if you can’t handle the smoke
  13. My fax machine is a little slow probs coming in soon
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