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  1. Good job dawg @Nino Brown
  2. Good thing I retired and uninstalled arma.
  3. Requirements - 1500+ hours on Arma 3 - Age: 17+ - Financially stable - Tactical communications - Knowledge Cartels, Bank, Prison and Federal Reserve Application Format In-game name: Boby Age: 56 Timezone: East side crack head Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): 10k Previous gangs: Bot I want to join cause im the best chopper pilot in arma 3 and I want to make hot drop everywhere in the map
  4. are you talking about the forum theme ? cause mine is still black
  5. I always had Intel processor so I cant help you I guess
  6. ahh jte four accoter du four mon esti dbaleine
  7. Une vrai beaute toi, cest quoi ton numb ma tenvoiyer des photo tout nue
  8. is that in a draft normal, iron elo ?
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