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So I am messaged to land the heli, now I was sirened upon, not saying I wasn't initated, but I did not shoot or do anything aggressive towards the APD or especially this SGT. Now I am messaged by the Sergeant to "please land this is the APD" and as you see in the video I am shot at by the very same SGT who sent me the message directly after being messaged, instant. This is fucking stupid and shouldn't happen, if you are going to ask someone to land, don't shoot at them? Anyways, enjoy the vid.



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Removed video as it violates Forum Rules. Showing someone under a bad light

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Just now, Weeaboo Jones said:

if you dont have positive rep to post ratio, you shouldn't be able to post because you end up getting retard shit like this.

I have positive post to like but I can't post, must be a bug

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