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    New developers

    It takes just as much effort to put a bug report in as it does making countless useless threads and posts about the same thing, put a bug report in, devs see it, devs fix it. Hard concept I know
  2. Both gang fort/boat will never be active at the same time, new players can't pick up guns unless they opt out of passive mode
  3. I died vaulting up one and a fellow police man disarmed me - thanks @Maxx__
  4. Outside of Mayhem and his team, I will also be personally tracking each day, for example if you convert 300k put it in your bank then an hour later withdraw/transfer to gang bank I will be tracking this. Ofc if you wait days to do so that's on you
  5. Theres often times, and you well know this as you're part of the group, that cops are out numbered 16v5 - this is a way to help them during the course of the event
  6. It's the best, you choose salt flats and blame it on another admin so people are mean to them.
  7. Please join us in congratulating @Zurph and @King into our newest role of event coordinator, they'll be working along side the admin team to help with old and new admin events in the near future. Also welcome our newest contributor: @Solar - Asylum Staff
  8. Ronald

    New mods

    Please join us in congratulating our newest moderators: @Ken. @HunterB @operatorjohnny^ @Vash We have also added 3 new support members: @Repto @Nielsen @King Feel free to reach out to them for any assistance you may need. - Asylum Staff
  9. Somehow always gave my good friend Patrick Swayze another chance to play over and over and over again. Must have enjoyed the montages
  10. You literally missed on purpose. @Patrick Swayze look at this shit
  11. +1 to manually setting the active bank on fire
  12. Why am I in your silly video #BetterWithoutWilliam
  13. Only if it works like the firefighter axe and you can run through a group of people and kill them
  14. I have no sandbag kills but I can provide footage of me inside a passenger seat in the process of the old switcheroo
  15. Approved at his own request, I am not responsible for any eye strain you may receive watching this none HD garbage.
  16. I loved woodcutting, I would never change it just shy of 27k hardwood cut
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