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  1. Added to exploiting Shedding/unlipping vehicles into structures Intentionally unflipping a vehicle into a structure/object or closing a door/gate to destroy a vehicle that doesn’t cause the death of another player shall now be considered exploiting. Intentionally soft logging after being revived/reviving another player to bypass the revive cooldown is considered an exploit
  2. What may seem fun for some may not be fun for the ones on the receiving end. Finding the balance is the hard part.
  3. Ronald

    Gang Boat Change

    Most likely if this goes through, can't really put them in free fire so this is as close as they can get
  4. With the addition of the small circles marked on every drug dealer/wongs the below has being removed and now falls under the "within the circle" red zone ruling. Removed; Interaction range. Wongs, Drug Dealer - The target must be within range of using the NPC/Sign. Added; Harassment Addition Bringing anything that is personal to a player into ANY public space of Asylum, without their explicit permission is not allowed.
  5. Think it's time to talk about your moderator position
  6. Guess Williams got to go, while I don't bring any ounce of skiill, I have many ifrit
  7. I was going to apply but I don't think both of us can be in the same gang, too much hotness
  8. I really want to believe in you
  9. Keep this post on topic and related to the questions asked.
  10. Terrible work colleague William Congratulations everyone but Niels
  11. Heard he's an Apex master player who just transitioned to Arma 3
  12. +1 could not have said it better myself
  13. Yo, someone is robbing the gas station you should go stop it
  14. We're making changes to resolve this.
  15. Denied. This does not fit the direction we want to take the server in.
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