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    Hey bamf, unban me. I cant even message you because my perms were taken.

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  1. Or HVT procedure... They'll HVT you and send you to jail if they even hear a gunshot from across town and blame it on some dumb shit like "Oh i had my volume up and it sounded like it was nearby"
  2. Drake is the Gaming Asylum developers The one person clapping out of the entire audience is the ratio of active/inactive players still hyping for updates. **Press play on video**
  3. BigPapaQ


    Among some of the best memes i came across from our gang: Watch before its removed like always
  4. BigPapaQ


    Well I don't know where to start. Im in the heat of the moment but am sure I wont be coming back. Overall Asylum was great! It was extremely fun in the beginning months I started playing altis life and would do it again, but as time progressed, its flaws shined. APD consisted of 90% RoboCops, servers became unbearable to play, and server rules were rarely regulated due to the dying population of the servers. Higher ups and some asylum staff members are jokes. Anyways, Theres a few people i want to mention who made the game so cancerous, yet so fun! We ruled kavala and cant forget how many times ive laughed so hard i get noise complaints. @Farmer Steve @Bag Of Funyuns I cant stress enough how funny you two were @Aids (i couldn't find your user) Youre among the most cancerous people on Altis @Kawaii #Free Rick & Daryl @El chapo You guys never get on anymore but both of you always saved us from problems. Mad skillz @Pablo We were the only Hispanics in TS and always got shit for it @Luke you were such an annoying shit, always up to no good @BushWookie Didn't really talk much, i just know you were always involved with the rest of us. @BaDaBiNg_10-8 Thanks for the great times DAD. @Mitch (IFRIT) Appreciate all the times you helped. @Austin Rogers The Original You took away my constable tags, but I feel bad that i always bugged you in support chat I know im forgetting a ton of people but these were among the most recent people ive played with. Sorry. Anyways, unless I dare re-install arma 3 again or Altis makes a comeback (LOL), i wont be back. Good luck guys! Thanks for the great memories.
  5. BigPapaQ


    @Sandwich is spacebound confirmed
  6. WHAT DO YOU MEAN??? This person is applying to be in everything.
  7. Will get removed soon. And this forum/community is specifically meant for their arma 3 server.
  8. Then why fuck are the forums rated You cant cuss or make a post that is ever so slightly inappropriate.. All my forum posts get shut down and I even got warning points because everyone is sensitive on here
  9. What ESRB rating category does Arma 3 place in?
  10. BigPapaQ

    Send Memes

    Id give you a bunch of bunch of memes but the admins don't allow it. @admins Probably would get my forum permissions taken. I just got warning posts the other day because my memes too dank
  11. That's all I read. I knew it was gonna get technical
  12. He was referring to the developers...
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