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  1. https://play.esea.net/users/peping/stats?filters[type_scopes]=pug&filters[period_types]=career https://www.faceit.com/en/players/pepingreal For my season's history, you can check the "History" tab on my esea profile. Keep in mind that it's coming close to a year since I have pugged on either of these platforms
  2. Houses exist. All servers will remain open for that reason.
  3. Draven

    Farewell Asylum

    See you tomorrow.
  4. In Game Name: Draven Arma Hours: 858 Timezone: EST Age: 17 How much money/vehicles do you have?: $500k. I own a few trucks and helicopters. Reason for wanting to join?: I want to join a gang that is actively involved in fed, bank, prison and cartels as I want to get more involved in the gang wars scene. I feel that I can add a lot to the gang by the fact that I can roleplay, fly, and drive. My best strength would probably be my aim as I have played over 6000 hours of counter-strike competitively. Previous Gangs?: None, although I have been in gangs on other server
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