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  1. Requirements 500 hours Have Good Communications Knows how to fight cartels and gang Turfs Enjoys road side robbing 18+ All Applicants will be accepted into the gang after joining discord and talking with one of the higher ups. Application (PM Cad518#8811 through discord after applying) Ign: Steam name(link): Age: Hours: How active will you be: Previous Gangs: Any members that can vouch: Give me a Funny Joke:
  2. What is your in-game name: Cad518 How many hours do you have in Arma 3?(Include screenshot): 602 https://gyazo.com/ab1600c97167e041d13ef6ef330d26b8 How active can you be?: Pretty active on almost every day. Tell us something about yourself: Just being canadian n saying sorry n drinking my double double is good enough for me. What other gangs have you been a part of?:None worth mentioning Do you have any current gang members who can vouch for you?: KrazyKoz
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